Thoughts on Vanar (post-Shimzar)?


I gotta say it’s been satisfying having Winter’s Wake as a Win Con, even if it’s only because people don’t know about this turn 8 spell yet (everyone complaining about Obliterate lol), so they allow Spikes to survive on Turn 7 or sometimes earlier.

I look forward to having an actual animation where the walls rise up (since it’s called Winter’s Wake after all!) Really happy that walls are now a solid archetype (still don’t have enough dust for Frostiva, so I’m excited when I get that too).

White Asp is a great supplement for wall archetype, but also a straight up upgrade to Snowpiercer (or run both for more face damage / aggro deck?).

Frostburn is an expensive but decent midgame catch-up. Sorta okay I guess?

Wailing Overdrive is so-so, I’ve won some games with it but it’s costly and needs minions on Infiltrate-side.

Snow Rippler is extremely situational that it’s only just likely to get in 1 hit. If it didn’t have the General-hit requirement, it would’ve been a much better card.

I don’t understand why Vespiric Call has to summon a random faction Vespyr rather than from your deck (I get that it would be too similar to Cryo, but the current random effect is honestly so swingy).

I haven’t had an opportunity to try Huldra since board setup hasn’t been kind to ensure Vespyr minions stay on board and I avoided running Displacer to see if I could combo it with other Vespyrs (it couldn’t).

Icy works great when you want the enemy general to stay put (but running this + mesmerize takes up way too much deck space - this is IMO a straight up upgrade to mesmerize). However, Bur is a bit useless if you don’t put him down within your first 2 turns - 4HP would be better. This card SHOULD be guaranteed value generator like Pax, so it should guarantee it survives most damage unless it’s very late game.

Altered Beast is weird because it seems to draw from ALL faction + neutral battle pet pool? I Altered an opponent and it gave them a Rex despite them being non-Magmar.

Haven’t had a chance to try Frostiva and Lightning Blitz since I didn’t have enough dust, but I’m hoping they live up to their text effect hype.

Overall the new Vanar cards have been okay - working as expected in supporting existing archetypes - but nothing terribly exciting if you compare to the very shiny new toys some of the other factions are getting. On the plus side, I run 2x Avalanche now because I get more aggressive with Infiltrate, and opponents still sometimes run away to my side.

Any other Vanar players’ thoughts?


Can confirm that frostiva is a beast. Haven’t tried blitz tho


lightning blitz is strong enough to be worth 1 or 2x in a vespyr or infiltrate deck but pretty situational. frostiva feels weak most of the time but if it goes unawnswered its pretty hilarious. Huldra is bad. slow and situational. I would only play it in a combo deck with arctic displacer cheese strategies. You didn’t mention iceblade dryad either, which is a monster of a card.


Huldra, Iceblade Dryad and Vespyric Call are really good with Vespyr Kara.

I dont had the chance to play Winter’s Wake yet (only 1 copy) but i’m having fun with Walls Vanar runing provokes (Gravity Well, Primus Shieldmaster, Inquisitor Kron) and minion generators (Inquisitor Kron, Frostiva, Pandora). I trap the oponnent in their side of the field and start to control the board with Glacial Elementals, Bonechill Barriers, Snow Chasers, White Asp and etc, while putting the provokes and token generators. I want to try Wailing Overdrive now, cause it’s usually easy for me to infiltrate, hmm. Really, really enjoying play Vanar so far :grinning:


This more directed at Faie’s perspective than Kara’s

I’m actually really liking Wailing Overdrive. It is sort of costly, but it’s versatile. You can stack on Rhino if possible (24 damage is possible in one turn), Displacer if you need to, the card makes Wolfraven okay (I probably lost all respect right there LUL), and Ice Cloaker is you want something less costly. I think this card has made finishing off games easier which was something I secretly complained about earlier.

Huldra has been a little disappointing. She feels slow and needs the set of supporting cards in order to make combo work. Maybe CC can bump her statline, but the metagame should settle out until that happens.

While I’m not a big fan of how limited you are to getting the Infiltrate effect with Snow Rippler, I’m glad Vanar has a 3/4.

I only got one Iceblade Dryad, but it’s good. I would not go as far as saying it’s needed for all decks, but it’s good if don’t want to waste a Hearthsister for an Arctic Displacer.

Altered Beast is probably the worst from the Vanar releases. Aspect is less risky, more versatile, and cheaper.

I haven’t got to test out Icy yet, but people are acting like this really good. I don’t have a reason to disagree right now.

Everything from here on out are cards I haven’t used, and are based on gueses.

Vespyric Call seems good, but I can’t running this too often when I simply have other stuff that are more important.

Bur’s statline isn’t bad, but 4 would be a good cushion for this thing to survive. I probably won’t use this because of the sheer randomness of this card.

Lightning Blitz is also really random. I won’t play often unless my decks consists a lot low of cost minions.

The only thing I know about White Asp is that it’s better than Winterblade. I don’t know if wasting your artifact on your opponent’s minions is really worth it, but I won’t object it in a wall deck.

I’m honestly just scared to run a Frostiva in my deck because of dispells. Would be great if the opponents doesn’t, but that’s a risk that I won’t take.

Frostburn seems meh. 3 damage is not good, but Vanar finally got its own AOE which I thank CC for.

Winter’s Wake looks fun. I think Winter’s Wake would be really good if we had one or two more wall spells. 9/40 chance to to draw walls combined with White Asp? Not great odds.

I honestly thought Vanar was going to go in a bad direction when they first spoiled LIghtning Blitz. I thought I understood what path they wanted to take. Giving minions buffs that depend on board positioning to finish out games. I thought they were going to be completely give meh buffs to minions that weren’t that great. I was (for the most part). They actually gave good buff stuff, released some interesting minions, and the release even helped Wall Vanar a little bit. Really enjoying what we all got for the expansion.


I’ve mainly seen icy used in aggressive decks to stun your general while they surround you and smash your face in. It’s very effective


The new Vanar cards definitely shake up how I think Vanar should be played (I main Faie only).

After playing further, I also discovered the Wolfraven into Wailing Drive combo, which is such a good early game setup. (you can also add in Wings of Paradise to ensure you get more chances of getting flying early). It’s basically displacer before 5 mana and people don’t feel ee the threat immediately because the stats looks weak. I think this would be great target for Huldra for lethal at 5 mana essentially.

The more I play, the more I’m starting to appreciate the new cards. Icy has hands down been the biggest surprise - you can get the enemy general stuck in such a bad spot for surrounds or to get off that one avalanche for even more stun. Vanar stun archetype is so fun.

Previously card draw has been essential for me, so I’d load either l’kian or whatnot, but I’ve been finding myself not needing it much now.

Im looking forward to try a Vanar artifact deck Where’s it’s just full of dispels, artifacts, chakkram, ruby rifters and blood taura lol.


I was kind of surprised that they introduced a new Obelysk but they didn’t come up with a new wall. It really needed a good two drop wall that can actually fight on its own. Plus, everyone and their dog is using Lightbender.

It is somewhat hard to justify running Bonechill when they are literally just fed to your opponent at the start of the game and then you just lose out on board control. Meaning you can realistically only run 6 walls in your deck (spines and well) and 3 Asps. I’ve tried using things to improve longevity of walls like Azurehorn, Mirkblood, and bastion but it doesn’t help unless you have a godlike curve. In addition you have to survive to 8 mana OR ramp which also takes deck spots along with your card draw.

On the other cards, Icy along with Flash Freeze makes Infiltrate A LOT more consistent, Frostiva is average, Huldra is really not worth the deck spot (or the hype), and Overdrive is the inverse – deserving a lot more praise.

Still have yet to try Battle Pet Vanar, nor do I really want to.


I have to agree with you on the overdrive, but I wanted to point out that bonechill walls are somehow vespyrs and trigger glacial elemental, which is a pretty good combo. Also if you can stop their general from beating down the walls, the walls are pretty good at slowing your opponent down, especially considering it’s only 2 mana