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Thoughts on Quillrage/Krater Fang

Hey guys! So I know I like to post about getting to S rank with Bloodrage, but with the recent changes I wanted to ask you guys for help in solidifying this month’s decklist. Below is the most recent version of the decklist that I have been playing (I am currently about to try a version with -2 Mortar Maw, +1 Twin Fang and +1 Saberspine Alpha).


About Changes Made

  • Ragnora to Starhorn
    I really liked Starhorn in this decklist, but with the rotation of Wild Inceptor I found it extremely difficult to rely on Ragnora’s Rippers. While Krater works very well as a Blood Rage/Twin Fang activator, it has anti synergy with Rippers (unlike Quillbeast). I ultimatly decided to switch back to Starhorn (the original user of this self-harm based combo deck) and added more focus on self harm procs (switching out Cryptographers for Kujata).
  • Mortar Maw and Saberspine Alpha
    With no need for egg-based combo cards like Egg morph in conjunction with the aforementioned general swap, I added these two minions to cover some of the weaknesses I noticed with this deck (out of hand burst/rush units besides Makantor Warbeast and back-line value generators in the late game). While I really like the inclusion of Saberspine Alpha, I am not to sure that I like the inclusion of Mortar Maw.

Last season, I had used +3 Beastclad (with +1 Greater Fortitude) to reach S rank with the list. I would say the most flexible points would be Mortar Maw, Fortitude, Saberspine Alpha, and maybe Rebuke. Other options that I have thought of include Haruspex, Earth Sister Taygete, EMP, and Riftwalker.

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Taygete seems like a much better option than mortar maw


I have had a lot of sucess with my Dentist list:

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I would consider Amplifaction over Greater Fortitude, since you have ways to self-harm damage your own minions. Since it gives more health as well it allows for more self-harm damage options to enable Blood Rage.

Taygete I would also consider over Mortar-Maw. Since it can spread the self-harm damage as AoE to your opponent.

Those would be the main two things. If you really wanted to add in Haruspex then pairing it with Upper Hand could be a good to way to punish your opponent for having such a big hand if they have high health minions. Maybe, Terradon could be a sticky option since its hard to remove an 8 health minion without using hard removal plus with all that health could allow for more Blood Rage self-harm opportunities. I don’t know what your match ups are like higher up, but there are different ways you could go, if you wanted.

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