Thoughts on Chrysalis Burst


Re-Post from reddit, my reddit post.
Now look, I personally beilive the card isn’t that great, however i do beilive the card is in a need of a change, and not in power levels but in design. Here is my reasoning why:This card is one of those, depending on how lucky you are determines which one of you is the better player, which I shouldn’t have to explain as too why a card like that is bad for the game. Now i’m sure some of you are thinking, “well Reaper of the Nine Moons is the exact same thing, why not nerf that card too”, and too that I would say I agree, its the exact same type of card and should be changed. Now the reason this isn’t true for cards like L’Kian at least in my opinion is that L’Kian doesn’t affect the board. The battle pet cards that do this like natures confluence do have a controllable element to them, for one there are only four options that it can spawn versus the entire set of magmar minions, and you decide where they spawn which leads to strategy versus hoping you get a lucky spawn. I could go into more detail but I’m here to talk about Chrysalis burst. So, in my opinion the card deserves a change, I would love to keep the theme of the card but if its at the cost of skill, replaced with luck then change of themes should be reconsidered.


I don’t see anyone using this argument because everyone wants to see reaper changed regardless.

Anyway, you said nothing about why it’s actually a problem card other than “sometimes I can’t kill all the eggs”. Well though luck, if you could always kill all the eggs the card would be useless wouldn’t it? There is plenty of ways to deal with the card. You can use your existing board or you can use single target damage, aoe damage or dispels from your hand. Card is far from being problematic. It’s RNG isn’t that big of a deal anyway considering the board size.


Your missing the point, the problem is not the power level of the cards, its that the card decides based on a two dice rolls, wether or not you can kill the eggs/ protect them, and wether or not theyre all going to be young silithars or 2 makantors and 2 elders. The card literally is 4 mana roll a die too see if you win the game.


It’s like you didn’t even read my reply. I see you have already made up your mind on the card and will not ever change it despite hearing all the counter arguments. I assume that’s why you recreated a thread from the reddit, you hoped to see people agreeing with you here unlike on reddit but I doubt it’s going to happen. Why even make the thread if you know for a fact you won’t change your opinion on the card?


I mean you can go see the reddit page, everyone seems to agree with me from what i can tell,
1.IMO, by any reasonable standard relative to other 4 mana cards, Chrysalis Burst is overpowered.
2.I find the card to be way too feast or famine,
3.I agree that Chrysalis Burst is really strong right now, and could be changed
4.Fuck that card. All you need is a bit of luck, and you end the game right on the next turn
5.I was a little surprised this didnt get changed too
6. it´s just a terrible designed card after the rebirth changes
all different commenters agreeing with me, sure of course others disagreed as well, but not as you seemed to claim where no one agreed with me at all. Also what are these counter arguments? That there are plenty of ways to counter it? Thats not the point im trying to make, wether or not you can handle the card . Its that the entire card is a dice roll and thats it, if all minions spawn out of reach and they are all elders, does that mean the player who played the card is better? no, it means he got the better side of the die. And in my opinion a card like that should not exist ESPECIALLY on 4 mana.


Not sure if you are using those examples for explanation purposes, but since we already had that case today: Burst has Rarity locks. It can’t summon 4 Silithars or 2 makantors and 2 elders.


Just for explanation, however thanks for pointing it out! I actually didnt know that so thankyou! (hope that didnt sound sarcastic cause it wasnt >.>)


I don’t think it needs any kind of rework. It works just fine and as intended. Sure it could be gamechanger, so what ? It’s the whole point. And it doesn’t come at the cost of skill, I once played against a dude who used it and spawned Elder, Vindicator, Makantor and an other one and still won. It only requires good decision makig to counter. It’s not broken or anything else. At worst you’ll have to deal with 4 units with only your General, which usually means you already messed up.


For Chrysalis Burst to be good

1.You need to be even or ahead on board
2.The person needs have no removal
3.Amazing rng spawns

What do I mean by amazing rng spawns.You need high value minion to spawn in place where it can’t be hit.This often isnt very likely to happen.

The average result for chrysalis Burst.Is two eggs in position where the general and the minion on the board can it. Leaving you with 2 eggs on board to figure out how get rid off.

I am not fond of Chrysalis Burst you have to depend on random spawns and hope it gets a good minion.As a Magmar player you would prefer something more consistent but Chrysalis Burst is a fair card.The card has counterplay,You have one whole turn to get rid of 4 0/1.

Also people need to learn about the freaking card it spawns one of each rarity

Common Rex,Young Silithar,Grimock,Veteran Silithar,Wild Inceptor,Kolossus

Rare Gro,Elucidator,Spirit Harvester,Leviathan, Mandrake

Epic Kujuta,Moloki Huntress,Visionar,Warbeast

Legendary Vindicator,Taygete,Dreadnought, Elder

It will never pull 4 elders or Warbeast.This seems to be common theme among people who have never played with the card. This thing has a bad habit of giving you Gro,Kujuta,Wild Inceptor and Silthar Elder.Places the Silthar Elder right next to enemy minion.If you play card and see the average result you wouldn’t complain,The only reason I play card it forces people to use removal and sometimes it leaves a minion on the board


I fully agree, the main benefit of Chrysalis is that in the worst case the opponent usually has to use all his ressources that turn to clear the eggs, not changing the overall board state much and in the best case you got a minion or 2 for a discount leaving you with a good tempo gain.


People seem to have this pre conception that because the card isnt doing well, or its not powerful that it doesnt need to get nerfed but it does. Its unhealthy to have a card that requires no skill to play, since all your doing is throwing some dice hoping eggs spawn in your favor and you get good minions. The power level is irrelevant, its the design of the card that makes me want to have it changed, i even say in the post itself i dont think the card is particularily strong either


Guess I’ll repost what I posted there.

IMO, by any reasonable standard relative to other 4 mana cards, Chrysalis Burst is overpowered. Before I get flamed and downvoted, no this does not mean I am saying “IT MUST BE NERFED”. I’m simply looking at what the card does and what it costs, and saying that I think it is has become unbalanced because of the egg change and because it was not modified as a result of that change.

Before “egg rush”, it was probably underpowered, because it gave the opponent two turns to deal with it. Now it only gives one. This card is so cheap that it can be dropped on Turn 2. When this happens, it is very often the case that the other player will at best be able to remove 2 of the eggs. If good eggs (like Elder) are spawned out of reach or are blocked from the opponent, and they don’t happen to be lucky enough to have a simple answer like Skorn in hand right that turn, they very likely have lost the game.

This IMO is the worst sort of RNG, and should be exactly the sort of thing that players oppose. It’s arguably even worse than mech decks, because those at least require 5 cards. This requires 1, and it can be played 3 (or more) times per game, creating ridiculous amounts of value at an extremely low cost.

What should be done about it? I don’t know, to be honest. I do know that what I described above is not theoretical – it has happened to me. Turn 2, player tosses this thing out. A Silithar Elder and Kolossus spawned out of my reach, I had no answer for them, and that was it, the game was over. It was not exactly great skill that led to my defeat.

I don’t know how there can be so much complaint about mech decks and Reaper and RNG battle pet tokens and so forth while this flies under the radar.


Yeah because there literally is no point in nerfing a card that doesn’t see play, being it unhealthy or not.


Not quite accurate. That is more of a mid case scenario.
The worst case is someone using a cheap AOE removal (e.g. ghost lightning) and summoning a minion on the same turn having the Chrysalis user losing tempo. Losing tempo can lose the game and is the risk on playing Chrysalis Burst.


Worst case is they ignore your eggs and kill you, because eggs are still just a threat…

I don’t think burst should be nerfed, just from experience and also it’s really bad if you’re losing.


Of course it takes skill to use,The skill is in setting up scenarios where the card has a positive outcome for the user.The skill is building a deck that utilize burst well.Some deck might use it as shot in dark when I use it I know I am getting value from it.Why? Because I build around that card.Lack of skill is an opinion because it is far more difficult to set up a good C Burst than bunch of other things in this game.

Power level is relevant because only people who complain is people who got elder f@cked.If Burst didn’t drop Elder 99% of complaints would go away.It is potential power level that has people complaining not actual play ,I will keep saying it Actual play it is two eggs with 4 mana to remove 2 eggs in world with Skorn,Empheral Shroud, Bloodtear and multiude of removal that’s not very difficult.

Of the countless stupid scenarios in Duelyst that can pop up Chyrsalis Burst has higher ability for counterplay than bunch of stuff.

1.You can deny giving Magmar tile to accelerate to 4 mana

2.You can carry aoe or lightbender and basically crush their hopes

If a card gives a fair chance to counter it,I don’t care how stupid rng it is it can stay in the game.


I find it really funny how Chrysalis Burst is a now a problem.


Yeah true, butfrom my experience Ghost lightning is still kinda rare, The most common cheap AoE still seems to be Skorn.


Thank you. Also, as a CB player, I can assure anyone it’s not OP. Seriously. I based decks on this. Entire decks.

The point of an OP card is to be a game changer, something that can either:

  • constitently turn the tide of the game in your favor
  • bring you immediate lethal
  • break other OP cards

People too often think that an OP card is simply:

  • something that makes your opponent cry

Spectral Revenant is OP. Chrysalis Burst isn’t.


Too many times have I seen scrambled eggs for me to not laugh when people rage about burst…

People only seem to remember the times burst has been op rather than the times it has been trash

(Edit: spec rev isn’t op, just rly good imo. But that’s not the point I’m making)