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Thoughts on a weekly(?) swiss tournament?


Not Safe For Women
I swear im not a gynophobe
Is this gonna be on twitch? I have a sinking feeling after the opening of “and here are pur two casters, flygon and loliconartist!” We will be permabanned instantly

Also, isnt it only 1am for u rn flygon?


Yes it’s 1 am for me.

Yes it will be on twitch… Yes you may have to use a new username.

And no I won’t be casting, just managing everything.


Dont worry, i have a secret identity on twitch, and is there any others on the casting train yet?
poor s-ranker lolicon, all he wanted was his name to be printed on a dooly card to eternally shame cpg be immortalized


Nobody else has came out yet.

I will ask if anyone wants to cast when here gets the right reception.


The best part is we can get other streamers to herd their people over to our stream when they slug off to sleep

Also it may be a good Idea to have a caster in another timezone or somthing considering u awake and text me at like 11:57 (8am your time) and I also have little time, will have more when summer strikes

Also, is this just a simple swiss, or is there rank seperations or somethin? Cuz i dont feel like watching the horror of some poor silver 18 getting scarzig and wink emoted by some s-rank 30 (although its not me so thats fine xd


Chances are no, this is catering so heavily to competive players that there probably no point.

Also, you get to pick and choose your matches which you want to cast.


So I get to be entitled! Yes!


:sirpenti: :wink:






im sweating because I dont know what to say to you

Isbee knows my superhero secret identity


I demand you to hand over the information.


If he creates a new twitch account to stream, you will know at least one of them…lol


Should I post this to reddit?


The tourney? Yes


This post, obviously the actual tourneys would be going on reddit.


Which, this thread? Or my “should I be a caster?” Posts


This thread so they can vote.


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