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Thoughts on a weekly(?) swiss tournament?


As the host of DRR I’m the harbinger of bad news if you cared about it… DRR as we know it is dead.

Also sorry that I couldn’t constantly do these towards the end, I had a lot on my plate.

I still love to host tourneys (and your positive feedback is good for my mental health!) and I have always loved swiss format as I’m a YGO player, there has been swiss tournaments for Duelyst apparently so that means there was some in the past but are you willing to participate in this.

Note tourneys would be over an extremely long period of time (possibly 10 hours+!) so it may be quite the burden.

Would you want it to be like DRR where the themes are random or would you like it to be strictly defined.

  • No sideboard (Bo1)
  • No sideboard (Bo3)
  • Sideboard (Bo3)
  • Random (Bo1)
  • Random (Bo3)

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  • Daily (I’m a sadist who wants Flygon to suffer.)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

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How often?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you like this to happen?

The Purification Crusade

Whats drr?

Not round robin?



Oh, you’re new to forums, it stands for Duelyst Robin Round and I hosted it.

P.S added a new pool.


Thx, also is there a link to a basic run down on what this tournament is and what its about so I can participate in the polls?


It’s just Duelyst but in swiss format (with all your card game knowledge I hope you know what it is!)

The polls decide what it should be about.


I’m eager to help be apart of the tournament scene now that I’m getting back in.


O-O-Of course I know what it is, B-BAKA!


Alright, making a read on a tsun is hard but I’m gonna say you don’t.

Swiss format is where there is no eliminations and instead everyone who has the same record plays against each other and eventually people will reach top cut and the top cut games would be single elim and will probably go onto another day.


No I actually know what swiss is, but this is a good description for those who dont.
I personally prefer it to elimination, especially back in my mtg days, because each tourney costed money to play, but promised money when you won. I would run into some random lucky bastard who got like 10 bombs and prime removal and be knocked out in the first round all too often

@epicflygon also Id love to help, be a caster or some shit for the tourney


Swiss is much more enjoyable indeed. especially with a tournament for newer players.


Absolutely, alternatively you can co-host (or do that as well) when I am unable to stick it out for certain parts.


That makes sense because we live like 8 hours difference I believe

I was also just wondering what you meant by themes when I asked what the tourney is about, because although I know round robin means each player against one another, themes of tournaments can vary greatly and make it fun.

Also, as a propaganda piece for sideboards, imagine how you feel going against NOSE sajj as wanderer kara with no art removal and not being able to side in rust crawlers or b-tear alchemists


Sounds good. :+1:


If im gonna cast, I dont need to show face right? Also how do I use a voice changer for streams?


Facecam is not necessary.

There are some you can download, you would have to fiddle.around with your microphone to get it to work.

Just make sure you’re fun to watch.


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:
Fun to watch!:fearful::cold_sweat:
Pressure intensifies
Would I Be fun to listen to as a caster?

  • Helll no
  • Absolutely meme man!

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Pretty much it’s don’t be all quiet and if you’re be humorous.

But don’t try to cast this like an Overwatch tournament either.


Would offer myself, But I haven’t fully gotton up to speed about everything new since I’ve been gone.


*taking notes

-talk until my throat is burning worse than a holy immolation

  • try and fail to make jokes that are hopefully not that shitty (see above note for reference^)


You’re a very funny person but most of the posts I laugh to are well uh… Not Safe For Casting.