Thoughts from a returning player


I started playing the game shortly after its release and due to IRL issues I had to stop playing. However it was a very fresh experience and I could tell that a lot of work had been put in to make it fair and balanced. Now that seems not to be the case. Where I used to be able to win through skill alone I now can’t even do that because anybody with their parent’s credit card can just spend money to win. This wasn’t a problem when I first started playing and it honestly saddens me that yet another game let itself be consumed by the pay2win business model. Not to mention the grind for anything new is absolutely ridiculous. Why spend 3 days grinding for a pack when I can spend 10 bucks and get a couple of them right? Not to mention the fact that leveling up the different clans is pretty much useless because you stop getting new cards after level 10 and only get “rarity bumped” ones that you already had. What started off being a fresh new type of game ended up becoming your run of the mill pay2win game. I’m honestly really dissappointed because I had high hopes for this game. I really hope these issues get addressed at some point in the future.


You shouldn’t mind it being Pay2Win since every major CCG is pay2win. Yugioh itself is pay2win as well. I remember some synchros being 20+ dollars back in the day. If anything how else are they going to pay their developers to produce new content/fix bugs. Not for Free.

The longer you play this game the more rewarding it is, albeit you cant have every single card in the game. but if you focus in one faction you can definitely accumulate the cards you need.


The difference between this game and other CCG type games is that they don’t produce physical cards. I’m all for grinding to get cards but when the grind gets to a certain point it’s really hard to justify it. People would pay to support the game regardless. Not to mention they’ve already had people advertise the game for them. By this point it’s not even justifiable to say that they have you pay for packs to support the game and more that they’re waiting for the game to die and milking what they can out of it now. I shouldn’t have to play a bunch of games I can’t win just to try and get cards I need. I don’t even care about getting the god tier cards. I’m literally talking about having any form of actual progression at all. The game has massive problems with progression and if you can ignore that than by all means go ahead.


I also don’t understand where everybody is getting the notion that if you focus on one faction you can accumulate cards you need when they don’t give any reasonable form of progression for playing a faction. The whole spirit system is the only thing i could think of that you could accumulate points with but why would i have to disenchant dozens of cards to get 3-4 half decent ones?


Yeah you have a very good point. The majority of the players on duelyst have been playing since day 1, so it’s easy to get steamrolled in ranked play. I do see them milking the game out but I think it’s because of bandai changing their business model. I had the same exact problem as you, but before they were taken over. when you bought the pack you recieved all 3 copies of the card of every faction, but not anymore :frowning:


a really easy way they could fix it would just be giving out 3 copies of a preset card for every level you get of a faction. Just so there is some set form of progression. Leave the pretty rarity cards to people who already have everything in their faction.


I don’t think anything changed necessarily. It’s just that as ccgs get more cards it gets harder to get all the good cards. Plus the cards at launch are going to be simpler than cards that come out later because those are easier to balance, they help new players learn the game, they don’t have old cards to build off of, etc. Basically the current state is more representative of what the game will be like than the launch state.

I also disagree that duelyst has become pay 2 win. It’s less new player friendly, and cpg will have to do something about that (they’re starting with set rotation), but that’s a different problem.


I’ll be blunt here, if you can’t win anymore that’s either because your not as skilled as you thought or because your simply out of touch with the game and have to get back into it.

Any decent player can roflstomp his way into high diamond/S-rank with a budget deck without breaking a sweat. The game could be a bit more generous up front to new players to make the entering more convienient but it’s far from pay 2 win.

There are plenty of top tier decks that can be made with like 1-2k spirit and given how important skill is in this game you can beat lesser players fairly constantly no matter how much their deck costs.


Diamonds are pretty much the standard fare when it comes to pay2win games giving you uneven amounts of in-game currency to make you spend more to use up that last bit you can’t use on anything, but the gold that you get for actually playing is still pretty gracious (If you do the quests, then you can pretty much be guaranteed an orb a day as long as you win 6 games).

Good, you shouldn’t. A lot of good/god cards are down at common or rare (unless you’re vet) anyways so getting the cool legendary or epic cards from a pack should just mean more spirit for you to craft the cards that you actually need. There’re a lot of guides on how to build cheap, reliable decks that can get you far so long as you can pilot them adequately. Anyways, I’d link you to some of them, but all you have to do is look it up on youtube, twitch, here on the forums, the discord… I think you get the point.

You have a pretty good point there. Leveling up just means slightly shinier generals (and basic cards if you’re into that) and the only real way to get what you want in terms of aesthetics is kept behind a spirit bomb wall so if you want something, but don’t have the spirit then there’s a very important decision to be made. That being said, you can always get more spirit by, oh I don’t know disenchanting the legendaries/epics you don’t need? But don’t listen to me, I’m just a guy who refuses to Disenchant my 1 Rook just because I’d like to hold onto the 1st legendary I got from a pack.

As for this, yes some legendaries/epics do look cool, but there’s a lot of ways to make them useless in this game. Whether that be by proper positioning, move shtuff, or dispel is up to you. Heck, half the time the game isn’t decided by how you play in a match it’s how your deck is set up.

  • Why spend 3 days grinding for a pack when I can spend 10 bucks and get a couple of them right.

I get pack every day in about 15 to 30 mins completing the quests.I get close to second pack if play for awhile after on that day.You get one pack from the boss battle.Every month has at least 29 days. So that is 29 packs for just logging on losing 4 games and completing other quest(super easy now with a unranked mode).Add in the 3 boss battles that is 32 packs every month at minimum. I didn’t even mention grinding out a second pack or gauntlet which greatly increase what you can make. If it is taking you 3 days to get a pack you are doing something wrong.

  • Where I used to be able to win through skill alone I now can’t even do that because anybody with their parent’s credit card can just spend money to win.

I posted the core of arguably 3 of the best decks in Duelyst right now.The Vet plays Amara Healer sometimes,Vanar plays spell Jammers. It is not hard to put together a competitive deck. Claiming Duelyst is pay to win BS right now

In past I have played Magmar decks that look like this

It is complete nonsense to say in the past duelyst was all totally about skill.The Devs have actually done a good job keeping the game fast pace and midrange and that has made it less legend focused which makes the game way cheaper than in the past.They have been Vet,Abyss and Magmar deck that would you cry if you think right now is “pay to win”


Would you be willing to post your daily decks? Maybe we can find a way to improve your experience.


Would love to know what meta you left in.
Finding it hard to agree with any of your points since I also joined the game around this time but unlike you I kept playing so I was able to keep up with all the expansions and obtain ALL the cards I wanted.

Don’t leave a game for months them complain that you dont have the same amount of content that the loyal players do.


@judojugs just for your information and motivation, i am still f2p until now.
i played first around late 2016 and stop because IRL stuff.
And i was terrible at duelyst back then, you can look at my profile (screenshot below) i got 3 bronze medals.
Came back at june with those small collections and left behind by 3 expansions (Shimzar, Bloodbound and Ancient Bond) and the upcoming Unearthed Prophecy.
I was like at your position now, i did blame this game for being paytowin back then
( i remember created a thread :thinking:).

You know what i did? I searched and created a budget deck and focus on only one faction (Songhai), where you seem don’t believe it’s working. But it’s works.
Well i still don’t have full collection, but i have 10+ competitive deck now from advice of people here.

And honestly, you have a lot of options :

  1. play 1 hour a day for quest and buy a pack.
  2. if you busy, play at weekend all day.
  3. or try gauntlet if you really as skilled as you said, if you get at least 7 wins you already profit.

And about grinding, every game has grinding. As long as a game doesn’t locked a certain content for f2p player, i’m still fine with that.

Here is a screenshot to proof me from bronze to S-rank.
Even after S-rank, i don’t want to stay up there anymore.
Too much pressure there, Lol. I’d rather stay in gold but consistenly wins (and still get those monthly legendary reward). :rofl:

Don’t give up, buddy @judojugs. :grin:


I think p2w is not the right term.

But the OP has some things right.

2 years ago it was a good point to begin this game. Now is not!
Learning the game, slowly building a collection is a chore now.
You’ll constantly meet decks, that outvalue your own and beat you with card value, not skill.

Sure you could spent all your money and/or spirit on one competitive deck.
But as a new player, you cannot know, if you like the playstyle or the faction, or that it even is competitive. Or that it won’t change next patch. Or that the cards you disenchant are those you’ll want next month.

Still the game is not p2w. A skilled veteran can pilot a smurf to S in less than a month without spending money.

But the entry fee has gotten very high, so it might be pay2learn!


It is more “invest time2win” honestly…

If building a collection is a chore to you, you might not have fun with the game itself.


Since i love repeating myself so much i will say it again, the spirit value of your deck is entirely meaningless.

If there was any sort of truth to your statements then Abyssian would be the strongest faction followed by Vetruvian since they tend to be more on the expensive side. But Abyssian is probably the weakest faction right now and the top tier Vet deck right now plays barely any legendarys, if at all. You can’t even build the current tier 1 decks using tons of legendarys because then you would be missing key cards, making them more expensive would actually make them WORSE.

I know it can be hard to admit that your the reason for your losses and not your deck, but believe it or not, 99% of the time the problem is in front of the PC.


Has anyone mentioned yet that there is still always this player who climbs to S with only basics? Well it still happens.

Also seconding what baharoth says.


Gauntlet is the perfect place for you because you are a skilled player. So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get to 7 wins after learning the new cards. That gets you big rewards to improve your collection.

It took me 2 days to build a good budget deck to go to Gold and higher.


the op has yet to respond to any of the positive post, he just wanted an echo chamber to confirm his choice not to play the game. I will agree with all the other non-P2W confirms in this thread.


TBH, I’d probably leave game if I came as a new player now. I always want much with little effort and for free, and I would be demoralised seeing all these fancy decks out there.

Really, more than a year ago I’ve met infinite sarlac deck I could do nothing against. I thought I would give up a game, cause the deck was full of epics and legendaries and super effective against me.

Now I understand that the opponent probably just got lucky draw, I probably sucked, and the deck is not that good, very funny though. But if I were a new (or returning) player I would be overwhelmed by the vast amount of possibilities open for a veteran player while I have…golems?

That’s actually the problem of every TCG or CCG that’s been around for a while. That’s probably why I chose Duelyst, since I started playing it in the times of 2-draw, where options were scarse, and not so much veteran players existed.

So, I fully understand what OP feels. I disagree with any of his arguments, though, being a veteran player myself, and thus understanding the game better.