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Will you still love me tomorrow?


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


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Hm… Seems it still has some kinks to work out.


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What can we surmise about the reality of reality?

What is truth, does it exist?

Is there any objectivity to this reality, is a rock really a rock, what is a rock? What are these labels we assign to reality, do they hold truth?

Why do we create truth, why do we create objectivity? Some sense needs to made out of the void.

Who creates truth, who creates reality if it does not exist? Why do we believe in their truth, in their reality?

Control over perception of truth, over perception of reality, is the highest power of all.

If we believe in a reality where rocks are food, then we would all suffer while those who control perception of reality, perception of truth feast upon steak in their palaces far above us.

Words define our reality, our truth.

Are words freedom or shackles?

Are we bound to our shackles as long as we continue to define a non-existent reality?

You may be wondering if any of this has any meaning at all. “Does it matter? I am quite happy right now with my current reality. I live a decent life with good people and a good life. Isn’t that enough?”. But how do you know that for certain?

How can you tell if this is the truth of the matter? What if you just believe in what they want you to believe? What if I told you there is something better out there?

Well, of course, I am in the same world as you. I don’t know what the truth is, no one does. But it is unimportant to know the truth. As long as whatever reality you believe in, exist in, is not someone else’s.

Wake up


Are you OK? :neutral_face:


Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy


If anyone wants to know what I think of 90% of the time, this is it.

Earlier today I had a thought that the many universe theory is a paradox because there is another universe where it isn’t true but because it is another universe, it is true.


…And, if you don’t speak the same language as the next fellow…none of what you just wrote has any meaning to them.

The universal language is love some would say…I say that is partially true…
…can’t forget about pain and death.

Maybe I am just having a bad day…


Quick, someone translate what arm pain is in english!



Haven’t you tried WebMD? :sirpenti:


Thanks…so now I can’t even pretend there is another existence where I didn’t make the mistakes that nearly destroyed every moment I have ever cherished…

It’s not that I am bitter, it’s that I have forgotten what is sweet…or maybe I have been greedy and had it too sweet for too long…

But the past is not a fixed position in my own mind. If I am the only witness to my former dispair, I can just forget or remember it differently.

Welcome to the “meme” thread, amiright?!


If there was a universe where I never made that part of the post this would never have been posted…

There is a universe where shadowwatcher has been nerfed!


Hey, I saw that tumblr post too.

The multiverse theory doesn’t cover paradoxes tho.

Except in the universe where it does.


I don’t use tumblr.


There’s a universe where Duelyst is Heartstone and Hearthstone is Duelyst :fearful:


What if its this one :sweat:


Neither do I, just saw it on imgur.


Made a patreon, support to let me practice bewbs and lewds


Please, do this for 10 more years until I can get a job.