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Romeo and Juliet, Lady Capulet asking Juliet about marrying Paris


Isbae and I discussed and concurred on the meaning, but to save time, here is a link with the essential explanation.
Isbae has a degree in theatre and is really good at analysis.


Ooohhh, tnx you both. Since English isn’t my native language, it was quite hard for me to decipher. Also, the link is quite great.


you’re the only one i’d expect to actually go and talk to someone and try to figure it out, you know that?


…thanks? :thonk: :sunglasses: :sirpenti:


Yeah, you’re alright :stuck_out_tongue:


Sympathizing/complementing the enemy is a level 1 offense. Once I have finished documentation of your transgression (as one of my minions), proper disciplinary action shall follow.


Hell yeah, I feel you.
Sometimes your mind is just whirling with just a lot of shit and it needs go somewhere.


Holy fuck this is a good article.


Is this a bug, or is CPG feeling generous today? :santa:

But I’m legitimately weirded out right now…


Did it actually count as a new card you got?


Figures CPG would mistake Khymera for a common :money_mouth_face:

On another note,

Are they to tell me an octopus is equal to the god of the sea himself?!


is that @improbableblob ???


Better cash in on this meme format before it gets milked to death:

We could do that for ANY faction


To make vanar shit, you have to make AoR, AoS and AoB all shit.


Not for lack of trying


@discobot roll 20d120


Did you know that the maximum number of sides for a mathematically fair die is 120?

:game_die: 85, 33, 115, 116, 35, 105, 41, 46, 77, 111, 74, 118, 41, 10, 16, 64, 95, 20, 65, 54