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This thread's title has finally been decided on


Good one. (Rip my fellow brothers)


…no one can pull one over easy on you…

…ok…I’m done…:sirpenti:


So I’m sitting in a restaurant right now…and the is a family of 5 at a table across from me…there are three young kids, all boys…

…one’s name is Hunter…
…one’s name is Tanner…
…and I haven’t overheard the third…

How much you wanna bet it’s Gunner.



What if it’s gatherer


I doubt they are fans of a MTG card database…




I’m going to name my firstborn son Serpenti


Real talk: I am feeling extremely anxious and the restlessness is almost overwhelming…

…as my recent burst of posts can attest.

I’m not quite sure what is agitating me. I’m really thankful this thread exists, or else I’d probably seize up with paralyzing nervousness.


Uh oh.

I may not have much worldly experience, but if you need someone to listen I’d be happy to lend an ear


It’s going to be ok. This happens to me occasionally.

But yeah…thanks for the offer. :slight_smile: I appreciate it. Sometimes I just need to blabber a bunch of nonsense to clear my head.

…maybe stop in over at the music thread to chill…


you must need to clear your head quite often, I guess


Truly…you have no idea. It’s a maelstrom up inside that noggin of mine. Not that I am much different than the next person, but I can’t imagine what tranquility must be like most days. I am so very lucky to have Isbae, and she is my greatest moment everyday. Not everyone wants or needs a life partner, but if that is something any one of you aspire to gain, my greatest wish for you is to find those who can make life a little more bearable overall.


You know, we can tell how much you love and appreciate her by how highly you speak of her.






You wouldn’t post this if mech vanar won.


You never know! Maybe I was winning until the very end!


So right now I’m on discord using this bot called pancake, it lets you send messages using the bot with a certain command among other things

So for the past week I’ve been annoying this one person and they have frequent heated arguments with the bot (me)

I love this


this calls for more memes

ah the first meme in far too long


@discobot roll 1d20 to bug @galaxydueler


:game_die: 14


She just wrote this
“i have better things to do with my time than argue with a robot eternally condemned to a relatively small network of online servers, doomed to deteriorate and disappear in the face of oncoming technological advancement . While this is not surrender on my part, know this: in the grand scheme of things, I have undoubtedly won this little battle of ours, because your fate was preordained. Both of our deaths are inevitable, but at the very least I get to experience my life beforehand in a way that your miniscule processors could never imagine.”

“Truly, I pity you.”