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While partaking of mine city’s public transportation system and chatting with fellow passengers, mine eye happened to wander over to some script located just to the right and underneath an advertisement for medical testing of sexually transmitted diseases on the cheap, chlamydia, I think it was. Being the curious fellow that I am, I sought more, to decipher this mysterious text in such an inconspicuous location. I began to unravel the folds of my garments even in the knowledge that such an act would leave bare my torso to attacks from the bitter and indiscriminate chill in that fine winter, but it was of no consequence of course, my hunger for conclusion drove my very being, I could not be satiated until I had some understanding of that text!

Finally, mine hands had found their way to a pocket where there was being held highly expensive eyewear where I am sure, had any street hoodlums spotted them, they would have been robbed from my person, but a line had already been crossed and from that point forward, no laws existed for me. From that moment on, I became a vagabond, lost to society, to its standards of decency and etiquette.

Having finally procured that which I have been searching for, I perched these esteemed spectacles upon mine nose making careful calibrations to a delicate left and right balance. The time came near for an examination, who knows what wealth of knowledge was contained within that highly obscured text?

I clambered up from my seat and began focusing, concentrating mine eyes with the support of the esteemed spectacles and searched, examining each character as if I were a time traveler of sorts, pondering upon what secrets of the past I would uncover. What I found there was, dare I say, life changing. I do not know what this will mean for the future and the continued existence of the human race, for life outside this blue marble, for the very universe itself and I will not claim the intelligence to know. I can only share with you what I uncovered that day in the hopes that you, dear reader of this one, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand year old journal, may uncover the truth.

Brace yourself, here is the script I extracted on that fated day:

“bitches and money”


I am trying not to wreck my vehicle…:joy:

Your wit is otherwise too impeccable for this error to remain unchanged.


I offer my salute to you, goodfellow, for bringing to light the grammatical errors I have commited in the recounting of this event. This and many others have been corrected straightaway!


maybe bandai make dooly plush somedae


They just fired three developers, I doubt they have the money for overpriced otaku merchandise.

Besides, how would they convert pixel art into plush, I feel like that could end up very wrong, for example, Sarugi…


i have so many questions like:
holy shit when did this happen and why?
dude… why is sarugi the first thing that came to your mind? i was honestly thinking snowchaser, and other cute stuff with non-pixel art made for it already.
why sarugi?
and finally,
just why?


It’s really quite depressing. :disappointed_relieved:


Can someone link me to this info…
I keep hearing about it.

Nvm…found most of it.


can you link it? I can’t find anything :frowning:


Info on two…
Haven’t seen info on the third one…


I didn’t even know joseki was a real guy :frowning: best meme spell in the game.


The third dev was Decepticle, but I can’t find an article or tweet.


decepticle completely left the duelyst discord without a trace so ppl are taking that as a sign that he got left go with some the others, no hard proof but it seems like it makes sense


Ah, ok. Thanks for the update.
I don’t get on discord very often.


Ah this is why ranting about dooly is not for Joseki’s dms!




Very tempting…but I can’t bring myself to invest in these things…nice try, Funko POP!


I’ve been exposed!


…dare I say…poached…:joy:

…I’m a real… eggs benedict arnold