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Well, I’m glad that’s the case. Now about that recipe? These bananas are beginning to worry me…


You can make the recipe as you regularly would, but before you use the bread, dice it into cubes about 1X1X1 in. In dimension (30X30X30 cm in dimension for all you fancy metric systemers] and soak them in milk until it reaches a desired hardness.

@epicflygon, I sympathize with your depression problem, I have been depressed nearly all my life for reasons that would make anyone dead inside, but the best thing to do about it, if you geniunely don’t know a tangible cause for your depression, is to try and focus on something (not someone, because can and will make things worse for you) important to you, some long term goal. Begin thinking about what short term goals you can make to accomplish that goal and do it. Working hard, keeping busy and the feeling of achievement from accomplishing each short term goal until you hit the long term one is my advice to anyone struggling with depression.


I don’t know if this is helpful, but when I was feeling blood-stained-shirt-sleeve level shitty, it was because I thought being sad was the right emotional state for my situation or because I thought being happy was the right emotional state and then got mad at myself for not being happy, which was a nice little cycle of self-hate and sadness. Not sure if that’s what you’re in, but what helped me was realizing that there is no right way to feel about anything, and that any feeling is basically just chemicals.


Yay…a true mystery!


Don’t lose hope, you’ll make it through! I’ll probably won’t understand what you feel like right now, but please stay safe and be alright.


I love spoiler season…
Everybody gets those fantasies about perfect setups and deck synergies.

I’m very cynical about it.

Minus all the RNG effects…
Did you draw your win condition before your opponent? While playing reasonably well? Congrats! You just achieved a slightly better than 50% chance of winning the match.


According to my stats its about 60% from the T2k5’s script, which I found out today. I’m slightly above average \o/.


Yes, but I think that would be including some cards’ RNG factors and also maybe your opponent’ lack of the luck. But that’s just conjecture. :sirpenti:


About 6 months ago one guy friended me just to tell that my wr is about 32% or smth. And mocked me.

I’m proud of my wr. Without me all those S-rankers would have much harder time.


I need to install the scripts again. I don’t care about my winrate, but now I am curious.
Also, I like to see when I am getting close to another battle ribbon.


Which of the scripts should one install to view statistics?


Honestly, it’s been too long and I don’t remember. I usually install all of them.


More honest me:
Would all of you like me to update you more on how I’m doing? Instead of, whenever something big happens and usually after I see my psychiatrist?


Whatever you wanna do man, don’t bother me none either way. Make your own choice.


Whatever you feel comfortable with


I’m honestly comfortable with anything, I just want to know if YOU want me to say how well I’m doing.


I would then.
I’m sure most of us feel the same


What u can view a players winrate? can someone like check mine pls

Where my memes at I thought Fresh meme would be released by now ;-;


I am sure you will ultimately make whatever decision feels right to you. I will support you and respect you either way.


I agree.

We’ll all be with you through this @epicflygon .