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what happen to community contribution


Guys, I just realized: Duelyst has a holy damage quintet! Can we build the cancer way up to Spiral Technique?



lost in the desert and where is 7 damage?



Are you okay? Do you need to talk with someone?


No, no I’m not, I have been talking to longshot recently.


Oh man that’s not good


I hope you’re not implying anything about me. I assure you my intentions are good.


No that’s not what I meant

I meant it’s not good that he’s not okay



wait what happened to flygon?


For awhile now I have been struggling with what I think is deppresion (I have been diagnosed with something but never told what it is.) and today it just got a whole lot worse.

I should be still running DRR and me switching to every other week helps a lot but I still don’t know if I can continue running it.


do you know what/what could cause that state for you.


There is a lot of things that I’m simply not willing to post about publically and instead prefer messages.


Depression sucks, and I know it does. Whenever you feeling down try to reach out or talk to someone you know/trust. It helps to stabilise your mood or improve it whenever you start to talk to someone.


Yeah, I have been seeing a psychiatrist over the past few months.


I see…, never happened to me, but had friends with depression, so I kinda know how that feels. I hope it gets better for you and you can return to a nice, cheerful life.


Anybody got a good recipe for banana bread that uses stale bread? I got a bunch of stale bread and super ripe bananas taking up precious kitchen space :banana: :bread:

Nuts preferred, but not necessary


Tempted to flag for harassment.


What, I’m looking for a recipe for banana bread and as much as I could console you, I go to the general chat thread to escape my depression, not relive it. We can continue this in PM if you need though


This is not a pm, you just replied to my honest post with something I can only dream to post with my facade.