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@Ryvirath what’s so good about ancient gear Knight? Ancient gear name with high attack or am I missing something




Crowlers ability starts you with ancient gear castle, so ancient gear knight is a 2100 beater right out the gate with the ability to summon again for its effect. Just a solid all around card in the deck, that accomplishes what the deck is looking to do which is play alot of backrow, beat you down and then sac the castle for a golem or beast to finish up.


ah okay im a little out of the loop

In other news… Which classic FE game should I emulate? I’m getting a little bored with duelyst (just a little, I’m still doing dailies so i can save for expansion) and want to go back to my FE roots




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I like how you completely ignore my question


What question? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was never a connoisseur of FE games. Sorry.


fates is really good. birthright is easy mode. conquest is lunatic mode. revelations is the DLC where the satisfying ending is.


Probably should have clarified I played and finished all of those


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Summoning Zendo doesn’t normally crash the game.


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