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This thread's title has finally been decided on



Wtf did I just read?
Brb, getting some mind bleach (the 21+ kind).


I have no idea… Should I read it myself?

@phoenixtoasches please be on discord at 22:00 GMT, just in case we need our kaleos player.


Meh, it’s just a sad and pathetic story. For all we know, it could’ve been a troll telling the story all along.

But that’s all it is. It’s a face-palm inducing series of posts about a stalker seeking advice.


Ah, makes sense why it was on r/cringe but people seemed to get so invested in it.


So I got a songhai quest so I threw together a control deck, Now I’m 4:0 where my OB or Tempo Vet deck struggles to get a 3 game winstreak.

I played a Zendo against a mantra player and the game crashed. @phoenixtoasches did I anger your god? I still won anyways n.n


By the way, does anyone here play Duel Links?


I do sometimes, I know @ryvirath does


It’s F2P friendly, but it needs so much grinding. :upside_down_face:


I started about a week before esparoba event and played on and off for a while, I have a gladiator beast deck


I do too! There goes our dignity.


yea I play it a fair bit. Looking to hop into their tourney scene pretty soon in fact. Mostly grind out with Ancient Gears atm :ok_hand:


I really want to play that deck, but the grind to Crowler just seems downright painful. I don’t know how everyone does it!


I actually got my second ancient gear knight last second. It took me the entire event just to get 2. Thankfully its a level up reward as well. Was so brutal.


Isn’t ancient gear Knight bad


You can’t craft cards, I don’t think that makes it f2p friendly…


There are some budget decks that are playable. Every meta, there’s a budget deck that makes it into higher tiers. About a few months ago, it was Naturia, then it was Ancient Gear, and now it’s Alien.


I got this.




I mean beer.