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This thread's title has finally been decided on


Darn wanna see that op Ace replacement


Seems like I should say…

Happy Birthday to our waifu drawing master, @sinpathy!


I usually only get requests from the cool people who want to discuss the epic/hilarious plays made during our matches.

but there was that one doornail guy a while back who spent like fifteen minutes calling me a pussy for conceding after making a bunch of retarded misplays


Happy Birthday, @sinpathy!


@alplod @isbee thanks fam 8)


Soooo, this happened…:sirpenti:


Well, I guess it’s not going to work…

…that’s what she said…awkwardly


I had the same issue, try reebooting your internet and computer a few times, then uninstall and reinstall Duelyst, that’s what I did


Alright, I’ll try that!


I prefer GW 1 over 2. If you buy GW1 then you want all 4 games to get the most from it, 3 of them are their own separate campaign/story (the original game is known as Prophecies in-game, the other 2 being Factions and Nightfall) and the 4th one (Eye of the north) is an expansion that works with any of the 3 games. Once you reach a certain place in the story for each game, you then able to do a quest and then able to move characters between the games when you own the games. You can do the majority of the content solo without other players with Henchmen who are NPC’s with preset builds or with Heroes which are unlocked during the Nightfall and Eye of the North content where you can create their builds.

The only places where you might struggle are places described as elite areas which are usually done with a team of player with specific builds, normally Underworld and the Domain of Anguish. However, those aren’t really needed to be done for the story or if you want to do the Hall of Monuments points for the rewards for GW2. But I’ve heard of people who have done them with heroes, but I haven’t seen them done with just heroes myself.

GW2 is more open and free flowing with the combat, events, map exploration etc. It has 2 expansions I believe (stopped playing before the 1st expansion came out). But I didn’t personally enjoy it. The lore was somewhat ruined, I wasn’t keen on the job/crafting system and the point where players had a chance to influence an in-game event went for the boring option (just my opinion). A lot of other people enjoy GW2 and its pretty easy to get into as someone who is new to MMO’s.


So I was necro-liking the meme posts as punishment for predicting that Lavaslasher wouldn’t be nerfed when I found this…



What’s the problem with a thunder gurl that forces us to play the game differently?


Remember paleozoics


So to you, denko is just a thunder girl in a card game. Oh my sweet summer child (´・ω・`)


Could you explain?


Searched denko and i got this.




Not sure if it’s maeldrawn or crankypanda, or is maeldrawn crankypanda, or is crankypanda maeldrawn?


Seems I’m late, happy birthday @sinpathy!



Today’s lucky numbers are:

@discobot roll 5d1

I hope everybody is having a good evening/night/whatever is appropriate for your timezone!


:game_die: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1