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Some waifus, of course


Sorry to disturb you but i just thought that was the correct wording fsr, I only have one!


This was my first-ever Gauntlet match. It was amazing! I did skip a turn because of internet disconnection, but I still managed to win. And I also made too many stupid mistakes, because I had no idea how anything worked.


The new minions got like huge arms. Seems like that’s the theme for a new tribe or special minion. I dig it.


I’m special and @cloudfrog’s first post is strictly for me. The rest of you have my permission to read it, because I’m nice like that, but you can keep your copy below it.


Disgaea Lift/Throw mechanic CPG pls.

Exploding demon penguins are desirable bytnot necessary.


You just reminded me of Disgea.

Sometimes I rather be playing that game than this one because it has more mechanics and is more balanced than Duelyst, also because better story, bigger board, no online, is on mobile and has fun characters with personalities rather than mute generals making weird faces.

But Duelyst does have pixel art…

I get the feeling I am about to be called for playing this game then and to be honest, I don’t really love duelyst partly just because it’s online, but also because there are other (offline) video games to play out there such as Witcher, Dragon Age, Street Fighter, Disgaea, Dark Souls (King’s Field for all you oldies), Dragon’s Dogma, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior), the list goes on…

But I hang around because I like the people I talk to here, the game is just secondary. Wow, when did this post turn into a long-winded explanation? Don’t attack me guys, just cause I don’t love the game doesn’t mean I am the coming of the Anti-Christ.

Also quick poll: What kind of people do you think should be active on this forum?

  • Only those who play the game
  • Anybody can join as long as they are made of rainbows and unicorns
  • I hate everyone here and only want elite duelysts and elite conversations
  • Newcomers to proselytize to the Church
  • Everyone but isbee

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I love @isbee. I voted for 4.


I love isbee too, but I didn’t want to alienate longshot.


I love @longshot405 too, he knows how to meme.


Fam, I need yo help, buy the merch in the bio or I have to kill this ant under my boot rite now, please help the ant and buy merch in the bio.

Seriously though, guys, I need some help, I found this youtube channel by the name of
"Poppy" and I am freaked out by the videos, but this channel has like over 100K subscribers so its not some obscure channels with honour killings or something. Someone help me understand this freaky channel.


That poll makes me horribly uncomfortable. Some of the options are ‘Ba-humbug, only this kind of person is allowed!’ but you’re allowed to still vote for other options that are inclusive.

@alplod I’m mildly insulted I’m an afterthought just from @phoenixtoasches mentioning me. I’ll forgive you 'cuz you’re a pretty cool forum-goer and I like your avatar.

Speaking of which, mine is due for a change.


You shouldn’t feel insulted by me. I didn’t mention you, cause you weren’t in the poll, and who made the poll?


The poll gets a pass because it’s mentioning Isbee to bash on them. A very Longshot sort of thing to do. I’m not quite narcissistic enough to care about myself being mentioned. It does tickle me though when it happens.


At least I’m forgiven. Thanks for that. I guess :confused:


I love Isbee, but I love voting on polls more.


I could get behind this.
Oh, or maybe a reverse Dagona sorta thing (minion inside a minion).
OH! Or like a mech suit! A minion you can only play on top of a friendly minion. It would gain that minion’s stats and abilities and when it dies it spits the minion back out!

That would make an awesome idea for a new faction.
Edit: Inb4 someone points out how Yu-Gi-Oh did something like this already (equip-able minions).


CFV Strides?
Cards that boost/alter/wincon-ify your general for a single turn?

If we’re gonna have equippable/stackable minions, Vanguard has some pretty solid concepts that we can adapt. Cross Rides and Ride Chains, for example. A direct upgrade to a unit that gets bonuses if it was ridden onto its previous forms.

Also, how do we get mech suits to work for Magmar and Vetruvian? Magmar are basically Kaiju, so they’re usually the guys that would fight the mech suits. And most Vets (if not all) are kind of already wearing mech suits.


I think you are wrong in the regards of magmar, they work so well with Mechs!