This thread's title has finally been decided on


And i still got fewer votes than @phoenixtoasches


@isbee I checked with my grandad and the orchestra was playing the rite of spring.


That’s a cool piece :stuck_out_tongue: sounds fun!


Thank you!

I mean…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooooooo, that’s a crazy piece. Crazy good…:sweat_smile:


OK, a stolen meme that I posted is now more liked than a meme I created.

:joy: OMG who did this :joy:


I see you too are a cowbelly discipline. Join me brother in the land of stolen memes, whete originality is nowhere to be found.


I’m not apart of cowbelly.

I’m not that much of a degenerate fuck.


Wait, is cowbelly bad? I usually watch the youtube channel sometimes, but I have never been to the discord.


According to my friend, Hentai is constantly posted in the general chat.


Is that friend in air quotes? Also, what is hentai?


Fun fact: I actually have friends.


Oh yeah, when I saw you say friend I adsume you meant it as if it totally wasn’t you who was looling at hentai, not that you have friends.


If I want to look at Hentai I would go to r34. I would link the site but no.

Also, sorry for my late response, I had to see my psychiatrists.


Plural is disturbing here…


It’s nearly Valentine’s Day. Where the Valentines memes at?


A pox on Saint Valentine’s Day! I curse him and all his ancestors and progeny to come. I spit on this futile and meaningless thing you call love, it sickens me to the very core and aught be done away with for it is a trivial holiday compared to that of Saint Nick’s and the like.


Eh, sharing a drink called loneliness (and some Billy Joel lyrics) is better than drinking alone.


That’s where you’ll find me, sittin’ my bottle of ol’ Jim Bean


Valentine’s memes… At an online forum full of nerds?
I don’t know what you were expecting.