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voting for a vote, that’s pretty fuckin american there pal


Never vote for yourself.


But, but…oranos voted for himself and boronian


Then shame on Oranos. Never be so greedy that you need your own vote to win, earn the victory because others said you deserved it, not yourself.


I strongly disagree. One should try to believe in oneself (or should it be himself?) and giving a vote is just the act of self-confidence.

Just imagine a potential president of a country not voting for himself if allowed. That’s strange :confused:

EDIT. However if you believe your work is not the best, it would be fair to vote for someone else, of course.


Vote for the best candidate. If you believe you are the best, then do so.


I have to agree with Longshot on this one. I would refrain from voting rather than voting for myself, if I cared for winning that much. Everyone voting for themselves seems a bit weird when there’s not a ton of votes anyway. It’s not like this is some election with thousands of votes. Don’t get me wrong though, everyone is quite free to do as they please :slight_smile:


Well there’s something to be said about maintaining your image by voting for yourself. Going by the presidential vote example, voting for another candidate and having it known publicly is easily seen as admitting wrong or weakness. It’s deferring, and gives others reason to vote that way as well.

In smaller votes, it’s common for competitions to disallow voting for one’s self. This is especially true where all votes come from participants and there’s a prize of some sort. It’s entirely possible to have a tie due to everyone voting for themselves. Thankfully this won’t be the case.

Either way, I’m not saying you cannot vote for yourself. I’m just of the opinion that your victory should be earned without needing to be selfish (even if it’s not intended out of selfishness but rather genuine belief that yours is best). Show respect for other entries and vote for your favorite of your competitors.

I did this in the MS paint contest and almost had 0 votes at the end :frowning:


this is pretty neat


I agree. That is pretty neat.


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Happy cake day @isbee

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Happy cake day @isbee!

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Looks like I am going to be voting for oranos, thank you for your votes guys whovever did vote for me and no matter what happens, it was fun!



Thank you! Bread!


Thank you, thank you!
I’ve been good. I’m just biding my time until winter is finally over. :upside_down_face:


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lol, your poll is a tie on what you should vote for :joy:


he forgot to close it after the deadline


I just realized Oranos voted on the poll to tell you to vote for them.
You know what, never mind @phoenixtoasches go ahead and vote for yourself. :smiley:


Happy day of caking, @isbee!

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I hoped for it :joy: