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:bread: :japanese_goblin:


loaf goblin?

hmm… i see… no i dont


I opened 10 in total but forgot to take screenshots of 4. I’m such a dumbass. Currently dusting all the commons and rares I don’t need. I’m grinding for a Vetruvian Golem set.


You can probably DE Sirocco, he is not necessary for vet. golem. And a vet. golem deck is actually pretty cheap especially if you are making the one by @improbableblob with the only pricey cards being LitD, T-horn, and Third wish/Aymara Healer (though Third wish/Aymara isn’t needed).

Other than that, you got some decent drops especially for an arcanyst Vanar deck.


Alright, thanks for the advice. I’ll probably be making a Golem Vetruvian deck. This is the list I was grinding for. Do you have any ideas for what I can use instead of Sirocco?


I like gust instead of sirocco, it can be a great finisher or maybe Lost in the Desert if you want to be known throughout the land as halcyon the skillful.

You should ask a vet main though for more advice, I don’t know of any besides blob but I am sure they are here.


Thanks! I’ll definitely craft Lost in the Desert. :wink:


well if you are bad at it, that is.


What did they play? I love live orchestras!


I don’t know the name of what they played but I will ask my grandad who went with me and knows.


I’ve had about 9 matches with my new Vetruvian deck, and all 9 opponents were Vetruvian.


Wow, @isbee, is it your birthsday today?

If so, I’m glad I have an opportunity to say “happy birthsday” to the most kind and generous member of our community!

All praise @isbee!

Now I understand why you like everyone so much. You birthsday is so close to St. Valentine’s day that you as well may be his avatar :slight_smile:


Happy FULL cake day isbee!


Congratulations on another trip around the sun @isbee!

In other news, Hyperswarm is a stupid deck. It takes a grand total of no skill to pilot and wins or loses depending on the amount of AoE they draw. 0? Win. 1? A little harder, but if you kept some board cards in your hand, you should still be fine. 2? Yeah you lost.

Kinda an autowin against Vanar decks without Skorn, as by the time they would be able to cast Frostburn, they’re dead.

Unpopular opinion: Grimwar is too clunky. My hand’s full of payoff cards as is, can’t imagine running nine.


Yes, tis another full cycle of the calendars for me.

I’m really grateful for the compliments. Thank you! :rofl:

I’m getting a full cake…AND cookies…:sunglasses:

Thanks. I hope you, this game, and this community is present for the next trip around. :sunrise:

Thank you. Existence is pain, but I do have friends and a wonderful wife to help share in the misery…which keeps my soul singing softly against the silent void, even when all is darkness.

p.s. I am technically half a girl.

I’m pretty sure your illness will pass with time…just like all memories of our lives and everyone that ever loved us…
…so, as a mere concept that exists in the observation of others also being observed, I spit on the inevitably of the complete erasure of my consciousness…on this day which really only matters to me as I live it…and I will eat my ice cream cake and butterscotch cookies, maybe even smile.


Then I’ll suggest to substitute grimwar for either DFC or Pact. It really makes deck less stupid and more reliable. At least you become not as afraid of AoE with it - opponent becomes.

Some draw may also be nice for reliability, but slows deck a bit.


Yeah, maybe.


I’m feeling extremely sick today and I have no idea why.
I think it has something to do with cake.


No, its cause RNGesus hates me and Dooly streamers keep popping up and whipping me instead bronze noobs.

Happy birthday @isbee, I hope you have a great birthday and remember to be thankful for every day you are alive. It may seem like

But life is a precious thing, you could have born as a rock or a cloud or a plant, but you are human and one that is capable of doing great things just like you do to this very day!

P.S. Is isbee a girl?


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