This thread's title has finally been decided on


This group looks like now a tree abandoned by its fruit bats.


It’s a slow day. Also…what?


Excog has finally gone mad from all the liking. Rest in Penti


I’m not just a yugioh rarity whore, but i’m also a duelyst rarity whore… i have crafted a full playset of prismatic frigid corona and hearthsister… not to mention my full playset of prismatic serpenti.


Meh, prismatic cards in duelyst are boring imo. They aren’t really as cool looking as I wish they were :frowning:


I still like my shiny (digital) cardboard!


Needs more shiny. Or maybe particle effects. That would make me happy.

Oooh… Or maybe unique sound effects when cast.


Personally I would like secret rare foiling.



I’ll let you decide which one you prefer


Sadly, it seems nobody wants that orb @epicflygon.



Everyone who wants the orb message me.
A tourney for it will be played.


A tourney for 1!!! orb? I`m in!


What kind of tournament will it be?


Just standard format, Bo1.


I just saw an orchestra in the city hall in cork.


I have 1000 gold. Should I spend them?


do you want to open orbs?

cause thats how you open orbs

or play gauntlet


Do you want to burn your money

Cause that’s how you burn your money

If you are missing lots of cards from core, spend them otherwise save for expansion.


The expansion is pretty far away. So…
I’ll be back.


Post orb spawns so we can curse RNGesus together.