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I started taking biology this semester, and now I have a question for the people who make the card names. What does punching yourself in the face have anything to do with homeostasis?


I actually tried looking it up and the best I can figure is that homeostasis is the regulation of an internal system whose amount of entropy differs from the surrounding and rebuke means to scold or disapprove.

Homeostasis doesn’t necessarily pertain only to humans, it could also mean in more broader terms that there is a natural order of things so to speak that must be maintained. So Homeostatic Rebuke could be nature scolding (or punishing) you for breaking that established status quo or natural order.


Yeah, that could be it. Homeostasis is just the ability of living things to regulate their internal conditions, such as keeping a constant temperature of 97 in humans


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You know a while back i mentioned performing “Be Prepared” from The Lion King? Well, the presentation is on Saturday and I guess you could say the experience has…

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My sister sewed the mane, tail, and ears onto the costume and did the makeup since she’s good at that sort of thing. Kudos to her.


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This is for 4-H, although I’m going to be performing the song (without the costume) for an audition in my college’s school play.


Here’s my interpretation:
Homeostasis is the body’s "equilibrium."
Units with equal attack and health are “at equilibrium” when it comes to stats.
Rebuke breaks the equilibrium by punishing minions with equal attack and health.

The Purification Crusade

makes sense. Didn’t think about the rebuke part of the card tbh


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I’m really just getting in character though.


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Math time!

My math skills are a little rusty beyond just working stuff out with basic algebra…and I can’t remember a lot of formulas without looking them up, if I have an idea of what I’m looking for.

My niece in 7th grade sent me this puzzle…

I was able to answer it in five minutes, because of its simplicity and by using quick mental computation.
…but I know there is a way to do this with a formula or something. I’ve been out of college a long time, and haven’t had a math class even longer.
So…what is the solution that I am looking for? I know the answers, but not how to easily show my process with a formula.

It kills me how much I’ve forgotten.


Its a little complicated, but I think you would use the law of substitution here.

Similar to how if you were given a linear graph problem and told to solve for x and y:

Rearrange x+y=100 to get:

Then to solve for x:

Then solve for y:

And thus:

Can someone confirm?


I’m watching you edit your post…lol


Yeah, for professionalism and because I got a number wrong, but the concept I presented should still be solid.


Yeah, I can follow your computations.
I’m just saying…man, I’ve lost so much.


I applied the concept. It checks out. It’s the little things in life…