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What is this Noa? Muh OCD can’t take it, get back in your box you little fker, don’t make me get out the belt.

You see, this is what happens when you trigger muh OCD, traumatic memories.



I just want some extra sauce:


Welp, just need 6300 spirit. That will take some time. Or a lot of spirit orbs, A LOT OF THEM.


How people react when you use “the force”


I saw no duelyst memes, i’m thoroughly disappointed in all of you.


Good news! I don’t know if @galaxydueler Is completely back but he is on discord!


It is too late, 'tis I who is the true meme master now!


Shoulda just done the death match.


Don’t forget to vote in the community voting poll!


yeah, yeah I will set up a tourney on battlefy.


If you still wish for a non-violent solution, I have an idea. The winner of the orb shall be whomever can provide the best answer to the following question (epicflygon shall be the judge):

What happens when an Envybaer attacks a Chaos Elemental?

Note: this is a creativity contest. Serious answers need not apply (unless delivered expertly).


Ah yes, duelyst forums YIAYs.


You mean LWIAY, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Til what an YIAY is.

Internet lingo is stupid.


I’m still trying to figure out what Dansgame, 4head and pogchamp means.


YIAY stands for Yesterday I Asked You which is a famous YouTube series by jacksfilms made in 2015, LWIAY stands for Last Week I Asked You and is made by pewdiepie in 2017, it was inspired by jacksfilms, there is a running gag between the Two of them that Pewdiepie did it first, but some of his dumb fans actually believe it.


Guys, can anyone tell me how cryptographer works, it’s so confusing.

Why does it give BBS to P2 T1, but not to P1 T1 even though they have the same cooldown?


Because you still have to pay for the BBS? I’ve never had a problem with it p1t1. I just use my BBS next turn.

Cryptographer just removes the cooldown.


Dang it, I’m dumb.


Welp, be thankful you asked here in the meme topic where you’ll not be ostracized for stupidity. :slight_smile: