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its also the reason people HATE retiring programmers. they understand everything about their code and the leave NO COMMENTS ANYWHERE


Anyone else watch the SpaceX Rocket launch, so exciting to see history being made as this could potentially mean that we are finally going to start realistically considering the colonization of Mars!


Hell yeah! One of the cores were lost, but that’s 2 more recovered rockets than any other launch that heavy we’ve seen!

Infinitely more interesting than watching the SpaceY launch.


…but when it does, try not to hit the switch.


Does anybody have a fun/good 8g8s deck? I already crafted 3 Crescent spears to use for ArtiHai and would like to use them some more before they rotate out. No mantra decks please.


Asks for good 8g8s deck, doesn’t want mantra


EDIT: Found one by Jogda that is a hybrid between burn and midrange Songhai:


You can, depending on individual taste, lean towards the more midrangey aspect of this by including minions like Zendo since this is a pretty heavy burn looking deck already, but be careful which cards you take out.


Opened Keeper of the vale. How to use this card?


This is @improbableblob’s Keeper Vaath deck:

I think you are supposed to clear the board with magmar’s removal/Vaath’s fists, drop the biggest minions you can, then proceed to revive them with Keeper when they die.


you can play mantra without mantra, you just have to win with spiral technique.


Use it in infinite Spec Rev Abyssian deck. You nether summoning to do that as well as a whole lot of ramp, but damn is it too stronk when it goes off

I still have nightmares of clearing 2-4 consecutive spec revs as Sajj. It was a nightmare…

And yes the double nightmare was on purpose.


Egg minions don’t count in keeper pool unless their egg is killed right?


yes they do. when you kill a rebirth minion, it summons a new egg that hatches into that type of minion. the original still died. its why you dont see young silithar in those lists


according to @Ryvirath young silithar is good in keeper.


Or my fav, Spectral Rev which the enemy kills with Spectral Rev, and Nether Summoning the next turn :sunglasses:


I`d like to see the list. Will be on my list of memes after Drogon Vaath OTK is done.


As I haven’t seen anyone play/theorize this deck type in a while, I’ll have to redirect you to a really old deck from 2016. A few things have changed since then and will need to be tweaked accordingly. I suggest switching out Kron for the releaser as it’ll give you more opportunities to re-summon spec rev or vorpal reaver.

Originally linked by @deathsadvocate in this thread.


I dont wanna catch up with the entire chat, whats up with keeper?


@oranos Said young silithar is bad in keeper, while I remember you saying on stream it, was good. (after me being shook inchat when a keeper player played a young silithar)


Most wise… …most wise, indeed. :neutral_face:

three quarters of the way home, folks!


Maybe we should start calling him @Ryvirath “The Wise”