This thread's title has finally been decided on


Underhand and Card Thief are pretty good, but they are not online or multiplayer because I hate those genres. Don’t sue me if you develop addiction.



Ooohh, you are familiar with those? I actually completed underhand in a single day


I liked card thief. I can’t progress through the second mansion for the life of me though.


Yeah…fck those torch dudes.


The owls are the bane of my existence.

The two headed dudes, too.


I have this free core orb code that I want to give away (which is from the last DRR, please message me if interested.)


Is this a new player trap or literally the first person whoDMs gets the orb?


Might I suggest a competition of sorts to earn the orb? Say… A no holds barred battle royal, last one standing living wins?


alright whoever creates the finest duelyst meme and gets the most liked wins the orb! (competition ends at midnight tomorrow)


Damn, I was going to prepare the paperwork and everything. I’ll have to find another way to legally rid myself of Isbee.

Well, at least it’ll be nice seeing memes again.


Don’t worry, you will be legally allowed to like Isbee’s post for this if needed.


I’m afraid your permission is not sufficient enough to warrant me ever liking one of Isbee’s posts.


Nah, you won’t have worry @longshot405
I am not participating.

…other than to Like the ones who do


Good to see the Isbee-Longshot rivalry is still alive and kickin’ :slight_smile: never change guys (except Longshot who’s always going through some change, but I guess that could be called not changing too, send help I’m too addicted to writing stuff in parentheses because I’m too tired to hide stuff when using my mobile, and yes I’m sure this is all very informative and interesting for all of you and, wait are you still reading? Good day or night or whatever time you maymay have, see what I did there, why I am I still writing this and does this count as a meme and yes imagine by yourselves a sensible ending to this cause I’m kinda out of ideas)


Thankfully you’re only mildly addicted to parenthesis (once you put text in parenthesis inside of parenthesis (like this) is when you really start to get in trouble (if you know how to program, this is normal for you (but you’ll be using other types of brackets as well instead of just parenthesis))).


proper amount of parenthesis.

@system approves


Thank you for verifying.
I was mildly amused that I had to suppress the urge to put a semicolon at the end of my sentence, however. Muscle memory can be annoying.


you might be a programmer if

you use semicolons instead of periods
you compulsively use parenthesis and brackets correctly
you quadruple check ALL terms are defined
you mispell things, but you mispell them consistently


They still use periods for calling functions, but I’ll give you a pass :wink:

Maybe not compulsively, but these errors are super easy to catch.

Woops, I fail this one. I don’t know anyone who even double checks that their variables are properly declared :laughing:

It’s because I declared them misspelled.
Semi-related Note: hard to read code that you understand is job security!