This thread's title has finally been decided on


Unless I’ve gone mad, there is no other. I believe I teased sometime that I’d stop clicking their links too, but I don’t recall who that was.


But the music video is amazing af :open_mouth:



Did someone send me a message in game? I closed the window before I could click.


Playing Hollow Knight’s giving me a strange urge to get a pet bug.


…Damn. @oranos lore submission is so unfair, I can’t win nothing. Will be voting for it, so good, might actually store somewhere on computer just to read it from time to time.

Good job oranos, seriously.

Duelyst Lore Contest Community Voting Jan-Feb 2018

I suppose I’ll write one for fun too.


I’m to lazy to read the in game lore, let alone write my own. I want to, but just can’t find the motivation. Perhaps someday.


I like the lore contest, but I really hope they hire someone to tie it all up, or at least a solid chunk of it.


Actually there’s a popular Finnish Facebook page translated as “Clicksaver”, where they summarize the real news behind all sorts of clickbait news articles.


thank you
thank you
i do all my best work at 3 am


This is one of the few things I learned in college.

I’m serious, my work quality goes waaay up when I feel time sending chills down my spine. I don’t cut corners.


Nothing better to motivate you than sweet, sweet desperation!


Played since the early days of Limit Break, got hooked on Link Jokers, Built around Schwarzschild Dragon because I was stupid, Bought the movie booster as my first ever booster box, built Deletors, reveled in their hilariously short OP-ness, bought the first two Legend Decks, quit after they introduced G Guards.

I’d build new deletors, but I am broke and the new Zeroth Dragons seem way too game breaking for me to survive with Deletors


Comeback, I want to talk to someone.


Send me about $100 so I can scratch-build a decent deck, then.

Actually, don’t do that, I’m probably just going to spend it on Force of Wi- I mean, a WeissSchwarz Disgaea de- I mean, MTG. Yes.


Now this is real fuckin neato.



@tsevech, did your thread just get deleted?


Yeah, my bad, I was expecting moderation to be lenient, but apparently everything which is not Duelyst-related gets closed. Apologies to @ThanatosNoa for this.

If you have mobile games to suggest, please let me know here. I’m looking for something strategic, easy to pick up, which can be played casually and possibly based on cards. For Android, thanks!


Sorry about that, but yea this would be a better environment to ask those types of questions (since this meme thread is pretty lax on moderation, it’s more generic in its nature so everyone can discuss what they like).