This thread's title has finally been decided on


They can’t be pet until another odd 30 billion years. :cry:

and we will be fucked anyways In 100







I will get a frikkin hazmat just to pet them


Did you know that before Hollow Knight, Team Cherry did work on a project called Hungry Knight?

How far they’ve come…

I also just found out that Hornet is technically a princess since she’s the daughter of the white king and Hera the beast. Hey Disney, I found your next movie!


you are late to the party


Not too late to enjoy it though!


I’d link you guys to the music video, but it’s pretty explicit.


Still not clicking it


Happy Cakeday, @improbableblob!
Happy Cakeday, @kelvindagr8!


There was a bar fight. The stripper-antelope was the only survivor. The song’s pretty good though.

#saved you a click.


A click and I assume approximately 3 minutes.
I am forever grateful for your generosity.


read this whole post out loud

You know what someone should? Start a click mart.

Just screens everywhere showing all the click bait on the internet that way everyone saves a click. They could have click sales and click discounts even have a website that shows clicks only.



So you’re not going to listen to the song? I don’t give a crap whether or not you click the links, but if you don’t listen to the music or read the manga then it’s your loss. (Unless it’s not to your taste).

Did you click the puppy one? No on can resist cute puppers


Anyone else play cardfight vanguard? I went to my first locals today and I’m hooked.


2D games? I’m sorry, I only play 3D games like BeyBlades. Get on my level.


I have also started to watch my first anime because of it, and dare i say it’s a really good anime, and the anime is surprisingly realistic, i was legit so excited the moment he took out a deck box, i wouldn’t be surprised if i saw an ultrapro logo.


Nope, didn’t click it. I was able to surmise the point of the video by its name and reaction to it. That being said it’s tedious reminding myself not to click your links. Mayhaps I’ll offer you a second redemption chance; a redemption redux, if you will.


Wait, who else was it that you did not click links for?

Cause I remember you saying this second chance thing to someone else.


I never knew there was two MMFs.