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Man? I’ve long lost possession of my soul. I am now the Devil’s pusher and he wants dat soul boi.

So whats it gonna take? drugs, money, women, dead relative? You want me to push Nana down the stairs?


It’s not a waste. The deck can still work without them but you’ll struggle with keeping any amount of board threat. And don’t get me wrong, I really mean it when I say it can still work. One solid turn of 4+ wraithlings/zyx going face with a buff is serious damage.

If you do want to add to the deck, don’t do 3 copies of each legendary. Just one or the other is enough. Running six copies of your big win condition will hamper your ability to swarm.


If I get to painlessly euthanize or better yet sterilize 100 feral cats that are decimating small mammal and bird populations, I would gladly do it with no other condition.

Feral cats are no joke; please supervise your free-roaming cats.


is the s rank race over by the way?


Finally some one says it, did everyone think I was referencing an anime or something (@saltystabwound), no, I was talking about a serious issue.


@isbee, is your discord name zabiool? Are you trolling me on Discord and saying you’re a cat?


Is it the Hornet one?
Edit: Just watched the trailer and it doesn’t seem so. It looks like we are getting more interaction with the nailmasters though. Im predicting this: After you get the Nailmasters glory, you will be able to revisit the Nailmasters to challenge them. They will be mediocre boss fights using their teachable moves as their signatures. After defeating all 3, your Nailmasters glory will upgrade and you will be able to visit Sly, who will see you as his last remarkable opponent, and challenge you to a fight, which will happen in the Dream World. This battle will be straight up NKG lvl of difficulty, Sly using all 3 Nail arts with extreme charge up time and he takes damage only from Nail Arts (ok, maybe not, but it would be a really cool battle). After defeating him, you both pass out and after waking up find the nailmasters next to you, finally having returned home. Sly will upgrade your Nailmasters glory the final time, making it super op. And that is only for the Glory part of the expansion. I feel like we are getting more lore on Seers tribe/species, or more lore about the Distant Village/Mantis coming into Hallownest(as they are not native here). Also, more hornet lore deffinetly


Void Steal is a lot more difficult to play than Crescendo/Grimwar, because you need to carefully plan out your positioning. However, it is definitely a powerful card, so practice is key. Seconded on Shroud and not Lightbender, generally each turn you want to 1) buff and attack face or 2) play more dudes or even better 3) both. That includes the turns when you remove something with other cards.


I do not remember what you are talking about. And I am too lazy to scour old posts. Please refresh my memory.

But in response to the discussion:
Feral cats where I’m from aren’t really a problem. They actually help keep rat population under control, so that’s a plus. Also if we’re talking about a wife that’s perfect in every possible way, I’d just end up feeling inferior and shite “I don’t deserve her” or something.


Did you not suggest to everyone a while back to watch the anime The Magus’s Wife or something like that. This was an episode in that anime.


Ah. I forgot about that episode.

Too distracted wanting a Banshee to inhabit my home.


I would kill 1,000 cats for it.

I hate cats.

Maybe I would even do genocide.


Same in my country. I just googled and i didnt know they were such a problem for you guys. Tho from what i heard, it isnt a good idea to do mass exterminati-WEVE ALL BEEN FOOLED. YOUR FACADE WILL DECEIVE ME NO MORE. DO THAT SHIT ON ANOTHER PLANET ADVOCATE


No idea what you’re talking about. I have a pet cat that used to be a roamer. No shady agendas here. Cats are cool. Cats do not plan to rule the world. Nothing is happening in the dog park. Do not approach the dog park. Do not look at the dog park.


No no you dont get it. Exterminate. Thats what Advocate wants. im basically saying he’s a dalek


I mean there was that one episode in the Ancient Magus’s Bride so… yeah

And why use a shovel when you can just slam your face into the ground?


I mean, it did say that there’s a new character (read the decription of the video) so i’d imagine that it’a going to have somethjng to do with Rafiance or The Hollow Knight in that sense (maybe new ending??).

Maybe we’ll find out why there was a schism between the nail masters, that would be cool.


Oh, god… I am dying with laughter right now…
I only made it to the Glow Cloud. I really need to revisit from the beginning.


No. My discord is also isbee


Unpettable puppers… :cry: