This thread's title has finally been decided on


Guys! I’m thinking of making an English Duelyst community. Are there any other English speakers out there?


I was a bout to write something absolutely disgusting, but i’ll settle for a request that Crystal Wisp and Vaath be drawn in proper waifu style

I do appreciate the sajj love though


F*** I can only speak American. Does that count?


I’m morrre worrried about RRRRunglish.


Guys! Táim ag smaoineamh ar phobal Gaeilge Duelyst a dhéanamh. An bhfuil aon Ghaeilge eile ann? (cé go bhfuil mé díolmhaithe ón nGaeilge agus mar sin chaill mé an teanga mar níl mé ag foghlaim é sa scoil nach raibh a fhios agam fós!)


Feicfidh mé chomh fada agus a bhfaighidh mé clár aistriúcháin a úsáid!


mar an gcéanna, mar sin féin, tá súil againn nach dtéannann sé suas … nó a bhfaigheann muid bratach.

Tá iontas orm go dtuigeann mé cuid de seo.



My Gaelic is very limited.


The language isn’t called Gaelic you Americans, that’s the name of the sport that we only play.


That’s an interesting way to spell quidditch


No, Gaelic is just football (or soccer for you wretched Americans) but we can hold the ball for 4 steps bassically. And has different rule sets based on genders, like WTF you can’t have that in 2018.


Well, i do speak Russian, if that helps


Oh, really? Not that it’s SO important, I just got here to whine a bit, but… я очень рад!

Yeah, we needed some cyrillics here after Irish :slight_smile:


And not one call for the language of memes

Im dissapointed


Memes are not a language, they’re a way of life.


what would you guys ask:

"Octopus in the Box.

There are two boxes in front of you. One box has an octopus inside it and the other box does not. Box A has owner A standing in front of it and Box B has owner B standing in front of it. One of the owners ALWAYS tells the truth and the other owner ALWAYS lies. Both owner A and owner B know which Box has the octopus inside it. Both owner A and owner B know whether or not the other is a truth-teller or a liar.

What should you ask owner A in order to find out which box has the octopus behind it?"


Ask owner A which box owner B would say has the octopus in it.
OR vice versa.


Assume octopus is in Box A.

If A is lying and B is telling truth, then owner A would say ‘Owner B would tell you the turtle is in Box B’ (a lie, since A always lies).

If A is telling the truth and B is lying, then owner A would say ‘Owner B would tell you the octopus is in box B’ (the truth, since owner B would lie and say the wrong box).

Both cases, you are told which box does NOT have the octopus. You know that whichever box you’re told has the octopus in it, is the box that DOES NOT have the octopus.


Ive seen that episode


You forgot the “but you don’t know who owns each boxes”


What if the box owners are our friends? Then we would definitely know them.