This thread's title has finally been decided on


either they really like peace or they’re being typical highschoolers… I feel sorry for you


Damn isbee, starting your day with a fresh bout of liking huh?


Always :sunglasses:

How are you starting yours?


Cowboy Bebop and procrastination.


By blowing my nose. It’s a thing I like to do when I get sick


I start my day by going to school, only have 5 more weeks of that routine till my next break.


So I’m reading through the immortal vanguard cards…

And is this some kind of joke?


Are you laughing?




if you are using barrier or falcius is a 0 mana spell that draws a card. and even if not. its just more cycle


The burden of knowledge…nobody kanna cross it


I would make a “feels vet man” joke, but right now, my vet feels are mostly those of hostility. Take your 3 damage. You know what you did.


wait did i really miss vetruvian’s moment of glory?



Vets moment of glory will last for as long as thunderhorn and lost in the desert coexist



ayylmao 2


It speaks volumes about @isbee that I just realized that his avi is not smiling.


not until i see shiro puppy dragon as a christmas present


still wondering where the nut mark is I thought it was “too late”


Everybody’s looking for their respective language communities… I envy you. I guess looking for Russian speakers may prove being problematic now :confused: