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Speaking of fucky geometries, my cat fell into an acute angle that should have been obtuse and can’t get out. Any R’lyehians w/ more experience than I know how to get her out?


@mmf As long as you call on the same x-time in 2 dimensional time. Comcast is not a company here. Comcast is food.

@isgopet… Have you tried turning it off and back on again?


No, I think he has to back out and then reload the save before the incident. You’ll lose some progress though.


The cat?


How’re the HOAs there? Any regulations on the whole blasphemous acts of sacrifice there or do they just tow your human drawn carriage?


Is that a motherfucking JoJoke???


Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that I will being leaving for a bit due to some intense heat. Don’t know how long I will be gone, maybe forever, but I will still be playing in-game from time to time so yeah. See you if I ever come back!

P.S. @mmf, I still didn’t get the joke.


Must’ve run into one of @eurasianjay’s spell decks…

On another note, so many books to read, so little time to read them…


I find that audiobooks on the commute work really well for that. I still prefer conventional paper books, but audio lets me sneak in a lot of books while doing menial tasks.


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If you commit a warcrime on a robot, is it a war crime?


The answer is in your question.

‘if I do X, did I do X?’

The answer is yes.


Not if you speak lawyer


Totally could’ve passed that off as a non-nazi related swastika if not for the crudely typed “hale hortlor”

Edit: flygon, y u like dat?


I like a lot of things that I don’t like.


I was trying to mock the kind of people that carve shitty swastikas into public property.


funny as it may be, to be fair it wasn’t exactly the most sensitive thing you’ve done…


wait, so did you carve that or is that just a pic from the internet?

I’ve also never seen a well-carved swastika before (just the usual profanity). Have you?


Next lore contest is up!


pic from my high school

there are swastikas everywhere, it’s a little funny and very depressing