This thread's title has finally been decided on


at least the Fenrir Beastmaster isn’t in the Warbird zone…


My taste in music gets worse every day.


hold the fuck up, you have a 4:3 ratio monitor?


Fun fact: If you didn’t post about it I never would of guessed today is my cakeday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, I got this old monitor for free a year or so ago and have been using it as a second monitor. Once I finally get around to building a PC I’l buy a decent monitor, but until then 4:3 all the way!

It’s also great to see how many games hate being run in a 4:3 ratio.


My condolences.


Hey guys, I saw a thread that was trying to bring together all the italian duelyst players and thought that was pretty cool. So I am wondering whether I should create a different group for people in the city of R’lyeh?

I do not know many people in this city who play duelyst, but if you are in the area perhaps we can meet up and praise the dark lord before offering one another as sacrifice talk about the game and have some friendly matches together!

How fun would that be! So if you are interested just PM me and I will give you the necessary steps to reach me here.




It’s a cheap 1/1.


But ehy would they put crystal wisp? Crystal wisp ain’t a cheap one-one

Plus, CW is 2 mana. You only get 7 mana for this


Can someone explain the joke to me, I’m special.


Crystals are expensive right?


False, Crystal Wisp is amazing 1 on 1 :kissing_heart:




You must’ve taken the red pill.

The mission only gives you snowchaser, tiger, frost walls and 7 mana to complete it. According to the death screen, you’re supposed to have a crystal wisp. It’s supposed to be a joke about how CPG didn’t bother to thouroughly check that the missions are corrected after balance changes and stuff like that which you should’ve seen given that i circled each of the parts of the joke. Granted, the circles kind of obscure part of the text, but the fact that you didn’t get it even after everyone’s been referencing it is kind of embarrassing. Get #glasses son! #woke #ihavenoideahowhastag’saresupposedtoworknordoigetthepointofusingthemwheniwannapressspacebarsobadlythati’vehadtocorrectthishastagesomanytimesnow




At least you didn’t like it without understanding it. You’ve got some potential!



What I’m getting is that the developers were lazy and then @isgopet said “NANI?!”, but what does it have to do with my reference to HP Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulu”?

was taking a hiatus from the forums, but you guys just dragged me back in,
for christ’s sake…and yes, I am currently trying to swallow the red pill. Nice to see another TRPer here.


Let me spel it out too u.


Conversations have always gone off topic here in the forums, especially in chats like this.

Gosh, it’s not like everything has a reference to HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu they’re all a reference to jojokes


I dunno, if lovecraft’s giant space cephalopods were real, I think people would be more fascinated in studying them than fearing them. As incomprehensible as they may be, they are a lot more comprehensible than dark matter.

Also, the reception is terrible here in R’lyeh, on account of all the otherworldly geometries. That shiz-nasty funks up yo wifi worse than cement walls!


What company covers otherworld locations? AT&T? COX?..COMCAST? And does it count as international if I call someone someone there?