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@ThanatosNoa, why does the duelyst website say it has exceeded its bandwidth when I press on “cards”? I’m actually not sure if its my internet or just the website tbh tho.


same here 15char


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Since Tigger is less useful now, will Kelaino come back from the dead?


Well according to everyone else, since Phoenix Fire is the most used card in the game, it probably won’t.

But I should point out that Songhai isn’t anywhere close to a popularly used faction as evidenced by the poll in another thread titled “Poll: Faction Percentages” so claims that PF is the most used card (under the conditions that i outlined above) are highly suspicious…:triumph:.


i think that’s because PF is in literally every songhai deck without exception from bronze to S.

as opposed to other broken things that are everywhere like thunderhorn or old kron, which people had at least had SOME reason to not include it in EVERY DECK EVER MADE (like cost or nerfs where it only lasts a few months instead of persisting from pre-release to the day the game dies)


I don’t even slot PF in my deck save for lantern foxes and one of the decks on the tierlist by grincherz for mid-range Reva has no PF. The card is not a staple and I prefer not to even include it in some decks that I net because they are just weak imo making you lose hand.

The card is okay, but it is not a staple like dankbeast is, no one can deny that.

I should also point out once again that when I say most used card in the game I am talking about card most slotted, not used in a match, because in a match you can get PF so many ways with Songhai.


the fact that lantern fox and geomancer exist renders your argument invalid

whether a card is main decked or generated doesnt matter if its still used in every deck

if you wanted to say “most included in decks” then you shouldnt have said "most used"
cause “most used” could include stuff like arcanysts from blue conjuror or excogitators drogons in infinite attack vaath smash


It does matter because I am not talking about cards “used in a match”, I am talking specifically about “card most slotted” and nothing else. I am purposely excluding “card most used in a match” as an option.

If the question was “What card is most used in the game?” then you would be right, but the question from the beginning has been “What card is most slotted in the game?”.

As I said before I am willing to accept lantern fox as one PF even though that is also sketchy because you don’t always get a PF from it or you might even get 3 or 4 or 5! The same is with geomancer but that is also just as sketchy if not more so because then you can also count cryptographer as a 4 mana PF.

I agree with you that I was wrong to use the question “most used”, but you also have admit that it is an ambiguous phrase on your end too. It can easily be used either way without appropriate context in mind.



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