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That would just be the forums, and nobody would vote anyways, and the devs are kinda protective of that information.

Like they won’t give use the usage rates of cards. All we know is that Phoenix fire is the most used card in the game and spiral technique has a 99% winrate.


Why would the devs be protective of something so pointless to know? If people really wanted to they could just make the thread and find the answers on reddit and it wouldn’t even be considering archetypes.

Also, Serpenti is the most used card in the game, get your head straight.


jokes aside it is Phoenix fire.


If percentage of factions played in the game is 16% and assuming all Songhai players use PF and there exists the concept of neutral minions that can be played across faction lines, there is no way PF is the most commonly used card.


@epicflygon, did I just create a thread and it got deleted?

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I am guessing “most used” means “most played” rather than “most slotted into decks,” there’s a lot of ways to draw and play PF


I do not mean most used as you can technically play endless PF with lantern fox, I mean most slotted into decks and I will count lantern fox as 1 PF. But the thing is PF isn’t even played in every songhai deck and songhai is only (theoreticallly) 16% of factions played. If every Magmar deck played Warbeast/lavaslasher than PF is already tied and we are not even mentioning neutral minions which can be played in every faction with a possible 100% used rate.


just saying that’s probably what the devs mean when they say it’s PF


When did the developers say PF was the most used card in Duelyst? And even if they did, they might have been talking about in a match rather than slotted or they might be referencing to the wrong time frame such as in the history of Duelyst whereas I am referring to the current meta from patch 1.93 and onwards.


Most used > most cast


Are you agreeing with me?


It was mentioned on the discord many times that Phoenix fire is the most used cards in the game.


There is a difference between someone (even a dev) casually saying something and them actually posting it onto the forums along with relevant statistical evidence.


there is a lot of stuff posted in the discord that is posted before the forums and such, and it isn’t just casually said.


I offer a developer then, to come onto this thread and to state that currently the card “Phoenix Fire” is the most slotted card (also counting one Lantern Fox as one Phoenix Fire) since patch 1.93.



I can’t help but feel like everyone is responding to me in the unpopular opinion thread.

Didn’t realize everyone felt that strongly about Sajj body pillows.

I thought it was a safe space.


Great, time to grind 13 games in 4.5 hours, because I couldn’t be bothered to play last month!


Ehm… Nobody was replying to you.


Of course no one was doing it directly, you would see it then. It’s more like saying “Wow I can’t believe some people in this room like Donald Trump”, but only one person out of a 100 people said they liked Trump.


So, I completed it, only to get a duplicate Tigger