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That’s why my vote is Ram.

Come at me!

Actually I support Megumin and Darkness. Only those two


Let’s not talk about Re:Zero. That show is such garbage the very mention of its name triggers me.


Then let’s talk MahoYome! Best anime 2017 fite me

Uhhhh, Silky best girl.


Hey college guys, yo man Asche is about to hook you up with a sweet anime that I’m sure nobody has seen before, its pretty old though. Its called the Tatami Galaxy, @longshot405 I think you will appreciate it too.

I don’t really like recommending anime to anybody, but I feel a lot of you will like it so go ahead.


edit: crap, gosh darn these hyperlinks.


Welcome back Nicholas Cage, did you steal the Declaration of Independence yet?


That moment when you joseki as spellhai and get an Alabaster Titan


EDIT: changed picture for pgness


No, that is the best Pull, you are taking it less likely for them to draw their wincons.

also ew you mantra player, you need to be burned at the stake.


I don’t play mantra, its spellhai with blue conjurer and owlbeast sage


then say arc hai instead now.


You mean songcanyst.


it’s arc hai.

Songhai ain’t bards >.>


fixed it for ya

I swear I’m gonna murder someone if that red box keeps shaking on my screen.


That is extremely offensive.

It wasn’t fixed, you made it worse you bastard!


you insult lightning with “archai”, so offended right now, OMG, i cant believe we are still living in such a racist, intolerant, fascist country

#racism, #lightninglivesmatter, #triggered, #overthrowthegovernment, #communismwillriseonceagain, #karlmarxisbae, #cantfindajobinthisskeeverholeofacity

Please don’t flag, this was a joke, not a declaration of the rise of communism nor a statement of my personal beliefs. Have a sense of humor, thank you.


I don’t flag posts that are hilarious.


This however I’m flagging as it’s highly offensive and you are threatening someone!


I don’t write those blurred “don’t flag” posts to you cause I know you know when its a joke, its usually for everyone else reading who either don’t have the right context in mind or think I’m serious as they are somewhat new to me and my antics.


Just in time to post your vote for the lore contest!

The poll will be closing at 11:59pm PST today so get them votes in!


Has someone ever made a thread that tried to figure out the percentage of each faction played because I wonder sometimes which faction is actually played more.