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no I don’t and yes it is.


Then when I say social media, I don’t mean it in the explicit way. Technically texting on a phone or going on tindr is social media, but when I say it, I am mostly referring to popular sites such as Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc.

Also, the reference is that the main character of that anime gets motion sick, but the blue object you see in the picture can fly and flies him around, but he doesn’t get motion sick. When questioned with this he says “Happy [name of the blue object] isn’t transportation!” even though we all know what transportation is and the blue object shown in the frame is.


thanks, 7 grandad.


Fairy Tail was so aggressively average x.x Reminding me of that one random joke was good though. One of the better jokes in the anime.


I loved it in the beginning, but somewhere towards the end it really did become so average.

Was excited to see 2014 of it come out only to find it was complete and utter fanservice with breasts up to here. I mean I don’t mind having to look at Erza in that one benizakura outfit every now and then, but 2014 was just too much and I never liked Lucy ever, but here she was in full force breasts and all.

Hopefully, if they ever continue it again, they step away from fan service (i.e. pervert wonderland) and go back to good battles kinda like how the Great Magic Games were.


Its hard to find good meme stories like this one:

Like if a grouping of synapses in your frontal lobe were fired that led to the release neurotransmitters that were then received by receptors near your zygomatic muscles resulting in a widening of the orifice in the anterior of your skull and a stimulation of your vocal chords.


Fairy Tale: meh.
Elder Scrolls memes :ok_hand:

If I don’t click your links, blame @mmf.


Mavis did not create the guild wondering if fairies have tales.

Come back when you are ready to apologize.


Intentional butchering for a terrible show. Come at me, bro.


@galaxydueler’s putting out jis heart an’ soul and flygon’s just going, “yeah, yup, sure.” :joy:

Jokes aside, i hope he stays safe and that they find that missing kid safe and sound


You have trust issues


I was about to say that I was almost in tears… Then he left.




Woahhhhh dude fanboys have you on their hit list now


Anime fanboys? hit list?
OH boy, I’m shaking in my boots.

But nah, seriously. This is the nature of enjoying anime. It’s a rabid coliseum of nerds all spewing filth. I know my tastes and I stand by 'em.


Generalisation man, gonna get you killed one day (just kidding)


Man, there are some anime fanboys that you should be afraid of. Shit gets real sometimes when weebs get triggered.

I’ve seen things. Terrible things.


What again? cant be worse than literally being eaten alive


Son, you have NO idea what triggered fanboys do to you


The worst probably goes to Rem vs Emilia fanboys, that shit ends in a bloodbath