This thread's title has finally been decided on


They still are…what? I’m still getting shadowdancer medals for posts i don’t have a link in!

Also, @excogitator Most disappointing experience?

So, how did it fail?


I personally do care about badges but I Was given the Aethermaster badge instead of purgatos the realm keeper, yet I should have been given purgatos. Help me.


I’ve come onto these forums almost EVERY SINGLE DAY since Aug 26 and haven’t gotten the aficiando badge yet.

salt intensifies


Don’t worry, it took me like 200 days or so to get it.


beep beep lettuce


Happy new year nerds ! :smiley:


:tired_face::ok_hand: yes senpai pls gimme Sajj body pillow


Click the link to help someone starving of badges today.

click me, I’m Mr. linkseeks!

If that doesn’t convince you, click on the next link to see the second coming of Christ.

the second coming

If you are not a religious man perhaps this link will interest you.

interesting link

Don’t be greedy, give me them clicks.


Why do I think all 3 of them are viruses?


They can’t be, cause I’m too dumb.

They’re just memes, but I need them badges so click, click now!


you won’t be getting any badges, I have 300+ clicks on a lot of my links and I’m getting no badges.


I was wondering why you felt the need to put images in links. Sorry pal, but those links shall go unclicked.


@epicflygon you have to get 100+ clicks on one specific link

@longshot405, why do you sound like my wife, threatening to withhold clicks if I don’t buy you that purse?


wait damn, I got the wrong numbers 215+ clicks on 2 links is still impressive.


why has no one clicked yet?!

teach me your ways


You post announcements for cards in a new expansion, all you have to do is wait 2 or 3 months!


But what if you are so anti social you don’t even have social media and spend all your time in a dark room talking with your 2D wife and eat lettuce while backing up in a truck making a certain mechanical noise along with eating of said lettuce?

How do you cross out words? This would’ve been funnier if I could have crossed out 2d and said 3d.


~~ your word here ~~

(without the spaces inbetween ~~ and the words)


ehm… What… You are using social media right now.


via Imgflip Meme Generator

Like if you got the reference