This thread's title has finally been decided on


I was told not to play with my food. So I’m letting my food play with my opponent.


Wrong thread


No, it’s the right one. I’d rather post it here than there. I’m not going to put it in both.


I just had an interesting conversation with my sister, she invited me to Netflix and chill with her and her husband. I’m not sure she knows what that means…

Also happy New Years everybody!



Pfttt, you guys still watch Netflix? Bahahahaha, you’re not a real player until you have given up your sister’s eyesight in exchange for the eye’s of a God in order to watch Cinemax from someone else’s eyes.

Sad, guys, come talk to me again when you truly have become a player ja feel?


well sooorrrrryyyyy
some of us have to sacrifice our sisters eyesight for more important things like eternal life or extra syrupy pancakes. some of us simply dont have enough sacrificial sisters to get everything we want. lazer vision is way cooler than cinemax vision anyway :triumph: i dont see you
being the world champion at staring contests


Hey guys! I finally submitted my submission for the lore contest, if you are going to read it please be sure to read the author’s notes first as it will save you some frustration.

EDIT: My story will not be submitted, but if you want you can PM me for a link.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to cry myself to sleep with a can of peaches


You probably don’t see him because of your laser sight. I can’t imagine burning holes into whatever you lay your eyes on being a good way of seeing something


Hmmm, it depends on how the power works. I’m all technicality, you should be able to see stuff through your peripheral vision, right?


May the Meme be with you.


And also with you


Why was I mentioned here!? I can’t read it!




Kinda late, mine was 20h ago


Mine was 18 hours ago.


Happy 23 hours and 40 minutes after new year!


Finally earned the “Devotee” badge…
…remember when badges where a thing?


Oh yeah, do people still care about them?


Nope…they never really took off…and several were broken for a while.