This thread's title has finally been decided on


feel old yet?


I use tribute summons


Son, please, I still use polymerization to fusion summon.


Sorry, solemn strike


We still use tribute summons today :smiley:


Happy New Year!!


too early, SMH.


For everyone here who likes the hardstuck gold i have some sad news to share with you.

you can talk with him through in game chat.

also tagging the dead man @phayze, i hope i can revive him.



I could tell he had controlling parents from how he talked about what he was and was not allowed to do, but holy cow. That’s nuts. Seems the Eternal Heart can’t protect you from parents.


We have multiple messages that go over 500 posts (that’s when they get locked) but he mentions more things that he is not allowed to look at because of his controlling parents.


Ah, man…that’s unfortunate. We’ll be here…hopefully.


happy dog heart attack day from Ireland!


Happy New Year Everyone! :grin:

From UK


Bah humbug Happy New Year from Colorado! (Soon, but I don’t care, I probably won’t be on at midnight).


scribbles down furiously


What are you scribbling?


Uh… Nothing!


the doom finally got him
he forgot that doom cant be dispelled by emp
he shall be missed


My dog sits on my face to let me know she has to go poop…

Happy New Year