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This thread's title has finally been decided on




Yes, as you can see, it really does work :smiley:



I just remove the text from spoilers


something to streamline the processa bunch of spacebars gets automatically deleted




Yes, yes it does mean that. Provided only the cool kids learn how to read it.


Yes I am, cause I only spam likes for this thread.


Great, now I have to ask at my locals for a MTG deck and how to play MTG.


Or if the girl is nice enough you could just ask her to teach you after school.


i cant even read it xD just write lmao




this is the best idea


Wait, so you noticed a girl plays magic, and wanted to talk to her but don’t play magic yourself?

What are you doing


And while you’re asking them how to play magic, maybe you could ask for a grammar lesson.


But then you aren’t a strong independent man anymore, never not be a strong independent man.


Yeah girls love AND require strong independent men, but this isn’t that, this is just @epicflygon asking her to take care of him, maternal instincts y’know? Just make sure you don’t get friendzoned.


this thread has an autolock feature :sweat:


You just noticed this?

The power of observance is not strong in this one


to be fair ive always thought of this (and its previous incarnation) as something more than a normal post



That’s how you get friendzoned