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This thread's title has finally been decided on






…or, if you think about it in certain terms (namely in some religions), aren’t we all just bots created to do the bidding of some grand programmer?

How could anyone think I’m smart enough to write a bot?


I have a project in school that’s having us make a company. I wanna make it something like “Undervault Storage Company”

@ThanatosNoa can I ask for permission to do this?


Ask how big her deck is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Honestly ask what format she plays (I.E standard, modern, etc)
then ask to play sometime (Maybe lunch, otherwise your fked)
And bring a deck that isn’t too op, then you will either lose or be evenly matched.
Also compare them


When you negate your own cancel


The answer is simple, you didn’t write the bot, you are a bot and your master is writing for you!
*Queue suspenseful music*
Lemme see what I can do with the rules on this site :ok_hand:

Permission to do… what. Make a fanfic company with the name Undervault Storage Company?




Basically. It’s just a one off thing, so this is mostly just to avoid getting murdered by our teacher for plagiarizing a name and stuff.


I don’t think we’ll go hunting down a student for using that name on a scholastic assignment that isn’t being monetized :thinking:


If you’re worried about plagiarism, why not just call it something else?..


That means it’s all good, right?

You won’t. Our teacher might.


Now we have to write down stupid shit like the vision mission


Because we spent a good 45 minutes trying to think of something that was actually original.

Also someone else took Luftwaffle first


@ThanatosNoa, allow me to be your servant. I shall conduct an investigation into Isbee’s humanity. I shall uncover the truth!

Edit: Investigation is done. Isbee is not human. I’m afraid they are terminally ill (riddled with bugs) and must be put down.


I’d like to know what evidence you think you have…:sunglasses:

Like system seem to be working again.



୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Only bots talk in systems!




wait how did you do that. what happened to 15chars






Well, that works too.
I typically put text between these: <>

As long as you only use standard text (no punctuation and don’t start with a number), it will hide the text within it. Bad examples include:
<don’t use apostrophes>