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This thread's title has finally been decided on


It has settled in at 12 hours now.

Edit: I was wrong. 227 now…237


Don’t worry, here’s my 7 steps to a perfect confession:
1: say her name
2: hold her hand
3: say: "I have loved only one woman my entire life"
4: "your sister"
5: push them through the moon door
6: seize power over the Vale and the Eyre
7: profit


Can’t check at the moment but is the English name for that show the Magus wife because I was planning on watching that too.


you don’t, get her to play YGO

build her fluffals


Dr Phoenix: Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing to someone you like, just do it even if everything else is telling you no (unless its obviously wrong). Here’s one piece of advice I’ve gotten over the years that may help you get close to this girl; we all see ourselves in a certain way and always point even the smallest flaws in ourselves, the thing is though, nobody sees all your flaws when they see you, they just see you.
Say what comes naturally to you and everything else will follow be it good or bad.


I knew she played MTG from primary but the day i truly realised this was at CIBR sneak peak because she was playing it while the sneak peek was going on


tell us how it goes


@ThanatosNoa any info on when this bug will be fixed?


Bug? Maximum Likes?

Not a bug. Restriction. Anti-botting.

Start investigation. Is @isbee a player or a bot.



Illuminati confirmed.


It’s a bug because I can like posts sometimes but then I will reach my like limit soon after


It’s a rolling hour system I think.

Quickly fabricated example

So something like this (pretend the limit is 24 hours)

You liked a post 12/5 at 2pm
You liked a post 12/5 at 2:05 pm
You liked a post 12/5 at 2:10 pm

(The next day)
You liked a post 12/6 at 2pm, being informed that you’ve hit the limit
… wait 5 minutes, now you’re under your daily limit again since you’re most recent “like” has expired.
You like a post at 12/6 at 2:05 pm, being informed that you hit the limit
Now you wait again… until your next last like expires.

And it’s not a bug, you just like posts to much!


“What’s wrong with just wanting to love you!”



Lol. I am very familiar with how it is supposed to work. It is like you say, a rolling system of refills over a period of time. That time was 23 hours. @Ryvirath raised the Like limit from 50 per to 100 per period.
So to do what I do, I would use all 100 Likes in one burst, and then wait 23 hours for the first Like to refill. If I was able to use the Likes all within 1 second of each other (that is to say that all Likes would be used in under 100 seconds) the system would not recognize the measure of time being less than 1 second.

To further illustrate: If I used all of my Likes starting at 5 pm (and within 100 seconds) I could then repeat the process starting at 4 pm the next day (all within 100 seconds or less!).

There is something fishy happening, or the rules have been changed. That pattern was not working, regardless. The strange part is when I was getting the notice of hitting the limit. The number would be 240 hours, and then the very next notice would say 15 hours, or 237 hours, or 8 seconds, or whatever number. At least that is what was happening earlier.
I will test again soon. :sunglasses:

Or 219 hours, which I literally just got.


@ThanatosNoa, just give him unlimited likes! I can’t handle anymore math, I just can’t (whimper)…




That is a horrible descion, give them to me instead!

I’m slightly more disciplined when it comes to liking posts.


Are you? ARE YOU?! :sunglasses:


I can’t imagine a guy who makes a bot for liking posts on this forum.

Or can I? :thinking:


Hmm, I never realized how complex it is to like something. Maybe I should be indifferent about more things in life. :thinking: