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This thread's title has finally been decided on


I only know that he plays Denerai from the Oda Nobuna no Yabou OST and a remix of Zero of the Ace Combat Zero OST


one of my favorite songs :smiley:


I was looking at the gif on @raqyee’s steam account when this popped into my playlist. Made me feel like I was going on an adventure


ya guys know any self help websites?


I could recommend some, but the good one’s are not free, however, the best ones are and their names are @phoenixtoasches and @isbee.




Happy Cakeday, @alplod!


It’s comical what is happening to the Like system right now. :joy:


Thanks) Dunno what to say, but I am happy to be the part of this community. Only a year has passed, but it feels like I always was here :slight_smile:


Didn’t @whyb0t reach a crazy high number before?


Yeah, but the point was those screen shots were consecutive over a shot period…around 30 seconds or so.


Oh my heart


oh fun i can’t like until Wednesday in 4 weeks


there is a girl in my school who plays MTG, how do I talk to her about magic?


Blast this on some really powerful speakers. Or on your school’s PA system.


Ehm no… I want to have a conversation about magic the gathering with her.


Ask her if she wants to see your Myr Battlespheres

"Hey, you play Magic? What kind of deck do you run?"
Would maybe be a good opener.

Speaking of magic, is anyone here following Mahoutsukai no Yome? I’m trying to get my friends to watch it, but they’re too busy watching other weeb shit.


I was thinking of asking what’s the meta like, I could have asked her today but I stopped myself.


The only thing I remember about my MTG days were that everyone hated (and probably still do hate) mill decks, Red Deck Wins was hilarious, and Splicer Golems were retarded.

And me and my friends would start singing Katamari on the Rocks whenever a battlesphere was cast


You cast…