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@epicflygon is correct: 100.


Yeah, sorry about creating that monster.


Who did that art? looks really nice.


That would be Glen Angus, sadly deceased. That art in particular was for a MTG card called ‘All Suns’ Dawn.’


How does relate? I is confuzzled


That is very sad that such a talented person died that young, I did want to know about that art. Is the art mirrodin or phyrexia? Not sure if phyrexia has suns. I have not delved much into the lore.

(I assume you are a magic kind of person)


It was pre-phyrexian invasion Mirrodin. In later sets, Phyrexians invaded Mirrodin and effectively ruined that plane. IIRC, that card is from ‘Fifth Dawn,’ the third set of the Mirrodin block.


So at the end of fifth dawn, mirrodin was fine and the story moved elsewhere? Or was the phyrexian infection not taken its hold yet?


Reminds me of the beautiful game The Secret World was BEFORE release (args and the forums … rip).


At the end of the Mirrodin block, the fifth sun rose (the green sun) and it saw a ‘happy’ ending. It was much later that Mirrodin was revisited, with the story being about Phyrexia invading and corrupting the plane. Some planswalkers fought against the invasion (Elspeth, Karn, Venser, Koth) but failed to stop the Phyrexians. Venser is dead, Koth presumed dead, Elspeth was force planswalked away at the last moment (only to wind up dying later anyhow :frowning: ). Karn left to try and stop Phyrexia elsewhere.

Mirrodin is now known as New Phyrexia.


All dis nowledge

Many thanks my lord

I heard that all the blocks before the stories online had actual books, are those easy to find/online somewhere?

Hopefully not expensive


What are you doing? Why?


Yeah, it was rather short lived, but I have the Odyssey, Mirrodin, Kamigawa and Time Spiral series in paperback. You should be able to find 'em online somewhere.

I highly recommend the Kamigawa books (Outlaw, Heretic, and Guardian), they have a fantastic story with an awesome main character. Mirrodin and Odyssey were good too. I’d avoid Time Spiral, tbh. Dunno about the other books, but a friend of mine swears the ‘Artifacts’ cycle is the best (it starts with The Brothers’ War).

Nowadays they do lore on their website in little shorts every week or so. You should look into it if you’re interested. It’s great reading, tbh. You can find these articles here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/columns/magic-story


Fixed if for you.


urza and another pre-mending planeswalker right?
They were both artifacty dudes, my memory just escapes me now


How dare you

But I do like atraxa, at least one good thing came of that…



I sincerely hope you’re not the kind of person who plays Elesh Norn. A friend of mine has a Sissay commander deck that fishes out Elesh Norn and Kamahl. He uses them to turn all my lands into 1/1 creatures that immediately die from getting -2/-2 from Norn. The worst part about this is… It was my recommendation to put Kamahl in the deck for this combo. :dagger: :heart:


That is no place for a dick my good sir, although it would have good circulation…


That is an evil way of doing things, I never thought of that combo with kamahl.


Thanks for the suggestion! I know what commander deck I’ll be building next…

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