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Zestiria has a lot of issues (balance and the god forsaken camera), but the combat gets better once you reach a certain part of the game. It helps that I like to play more than one character though. The story is pretty meh, but I did actually enjoy the ending to it. I actually liked the villain, which is pretty rare for me when it comes to Tales games.

Have you played Berseria by chance? I find it’s a rather good game in the series. I dislike some of the characters or their particular tropes, but I think it’s not bad. The combat in particular is much better.


Well, shit…

If I don’t like your post, it’s not my fault…



EDIT. While I was uploading from the phone another challenger appeared, @whyb0t. Looks like this forum got emergency anti- @isbee measures recently :rofl:


Sranding in a queue for French visa. Nothing to do. Looks like i occupied the forums meanwhile :slight_smile:


How’s the visa coming along? Is it hard to get a French visa?


Hehe, dunno yet. Just handed the needed documents there, reply will come in two weeks. They say they rarely reject the application, but we’ll see.


Alright. good luck dude!
A bit late but, this site here makes a really good time-killer


Thanks, I’ll check it :slight_smile:

Edit. Hehe, it’s stupidly funny :slight_smile: It’s interesting, how did they form idiotic sites database?


I don’t know either. I never really thought about it lmao. Probably because I kinda have my brain turned off when I’m fiddling with it lol


the outfit kinda makes sense if you hear the story, but I will admit



Sadness :persevere::pensive:


Everything seems working now.

You won.


Hm… seems I need to do more testing. I had thought I had finally done it, but it seems CPG had emergency countermeasures for my attack.



Well that was interesting. I just watched the Isbeelike waterfall happen on this topic. Saw one like happen in real time and scrolled down the topic watching each post get a like.

Wow, it makes me wanna die :smiley:


So I guess it’s an actual full day wait now…


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It’s 100
For emerald rejuvinators



I seriously think you should give xenoblade a chance

It’s an incredible game, and every part of it is unique and filled with personality.

It seems cheesy at some parts (like that cutscene) but I really enjoy it

maybe in a couple months when it’s on sale used,

but i really recommend getting it


I’ll wait for a significant discount. I may put it on my list in the future. We’ll see.