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This is why I love XenoBlade 2

(second cutscene starts at 6:42)


Not gunna lie, any and all interest I had for this game disappeared the moment I actually saw any footage of it. It reminds me of Star Ocean, which was a great series when I was younger but went to complete trash later on. Games like this that are overly trope heavy, incredibly silly (without being funny), and with horrendous voice acting are a huge turn-off for me.

Also, the combat looks super freaking boring.

Eh… rant over, I guess?


i found your problem

your playing cancer



Should have circled around everything TBH.


i could have

and magmar scum dont deserve proper spelling and grammar


Yes but what about the poor non vaath and ragnora players who get annoyed when they see horrible grammar or spelling?


they can scroll down 2 posts and reluctantly agree


I respectfully disagree.

it has tropes yes, but puts enough spin on them that each character feels unique

a few scenes are silly, but the majority of it is pretty much the opposite, an important character dies in the first few minutes

Humor is different for everyone, but i find it funny

you can change it to japanese if you dislike it, It’s really grown on me…

at the beginning it’s very slow, you just wait for your arts to charge up while you auto attack

once you learn about chain attacks, the art combos, and everything else it’s really good

not for everyone, but definitely for me


The way you describe the combat system sounds an awful like the Tales series specifically Tales of Zestiria.


Even the Tales Series has been losing my faith :frowning:

I was able to finish Zestiria but it was horribly balanced and rather frustrating. I didn’t really care for the characters much either. I still enjoy the older ones I loved though, they haven’t gotten any worse with age (Vesperia, Hearts, Graces). Okay, Graces’ characters and the story was garbage, but the combat was superb.


From the previous two modern Xenoblade games, I think they can be summed up as:

The Village by M. Night Shyamalan except the world looks very pretty and we have Anime tropes instead of Shyamalan tropes. Also there is a game in there somewhere. Also European accents. TONS of European accents.

Not that there is anything wrong with European accents and M. Night Shyamalan.


Is there any accents on what Americans think an Irish accent sounds like? even though there is no set one, as there is 3 distinct accents in Ireland (the others are just branches of the Three) and they fail to copy any.


yeah the main character in this one is scottish/irish voiced


I’ve never played the tales games tbh


I can’t take the new Xenoblade seriously since the main character is wearing Dio’s Crotchless pants:


Ok first I saw this here.

Myeah ok.

Then now Etika streams it.

Okay, interested!

Then it turns out it’s not on PC :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sob:


Yep, I can’t even finish Tales of Zestiria because the combat is so monotonous and the story is boring. It’s a shame too because I really do like a lot of other Tales games like Symphonia, Vesperia and my favorite Abyss. I kinda want to buy Xillia and Berseria, but Zestiria is not a good omen.

Hearts was fun, but very short and didn’t leave you much to do outside of replaying the entire game. I still need to finish Vesperia, but really good story I think.


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