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This thread's title has finally been decided on


“duelyst forums darkest timelime” “fixed post for duelyst memes” “fixed post for duelyst general chat”

Or whatever the poll was.


How bout I do none of those.


If I’m not mistaken, the original request was ‘we need another fixed post for duelyst memes.’


A cherished memory. I still greatly appreciate the thought. That’s what I love about this forum community. We are never really alone…unless we truly want to be through our actions and words. I know it seems that I give out Likes as if they have no value, but I really do care that we exist together in this forum…this tiny moment of our lives. I want people to know that at least someone out there put enough effort into reading and acknowledging their concerns, humor, anger, anxiety, or strangness. I’m not the best at anything, but I am good at caring about humanity and all of our time we’ve invested here. So I will continue to do my thing, regardless of whether anyone thinks it is frivolous or benign. I think it is important to remember that we are all unique, we all have insecurities, and we all deserve to be heard…beyond what we actually write here.



Forget I ever said anything.




You don’t control me. I’ll change if I want to. In fact I might do it just to spite you. But not because of you or anything, sheesh.



(u 2 r cute)


You crossed the line after I liked your post. >_>
Catching the tsundere reference I was teasing got my like, but then you had to go add that disgusting crap in parentheses.


u can remove likes u know


I try but it won’t let me. It keeps coming back.




I think I have an alternate solution. I’ll just flag it as offensive and get it deleted :smiley:





is it possible to go over the deck size limit using quahog and nightmare operant?

what’s the maximum possible deck size?

what happens when u cast theobule with a deck full of mechaz0r? u can’t replace into the same card.


Hmmm… It could be possible with a frenzy Quahog and three operants.

Magmar VS Abyssian. Abyssian has 3 opperants, a Deciptibot, QWEQRTYJDFGX (you know who), and the rest, non-mech 2 drops. Magmar has Quahog, one Primal Flourish generation card, Moloki Huntress, Kraigon, Diretide Frenzy, QNFIODHJFSDVJSB (you know who), and the rest 2 drops.

Abyssian gets out the operants using Deciptibot, and then one player plays QFJGDFKNGFBD to get rid of everything else. Then the rest is just about using frenzy Quahog to repeatedly kill operants until the deck is full of Mechs. Be wary though; you have to kill one mech a turn with Mag general + Kraigon or else your hand will fill up. Flourish + Moloki helps keep Quahog alive. Fractal replications can also be helpful in making this more efficient, since they let you get up to 6 operants per turn, instead of just 3.

However, I am too lazy to test this at the moment.


well thats how you would get to that point to test it, but i think baseless guesswork would suffice for now

is it possible to go over the deck size limit using quahog and nightmare operant?
who knows. your best bet is probably to test that with excogitators method and just not play qwerty
my guess is that the cards added to your deck get burned the same way as when you go over the hand size limit

what’s the maximum possible deck size?
if its not 40 (30 in gauntlet) and the above test lets you go over the limit… who knows. based on how things like drogon and furosa and silver break the game, it could just keep going up until the game crashes

what happens when u cast theobule with a deck full of mechaz0r? u can’t replace into the same card.
thats a question that is way easier to answer than the other 2, just have a deck with 3 qwerty, and the rest 2 drops. play 1 qwerty, then replace the other (into your last qwerty). it will either work or it will break the game.


We did it Bois. 42 cards. Zenrui + Kujata and QWWFJSIKFHKR Made everything a whole lot easier. As for the Theobule thing, I’m pretty sure it works like regular replace, which just draws you another Mechaz0r!

QAKMLCX is quickly becomming one of my favourite cards, due to how easy they make testing interactions.


I tried to make a Drogon/Armada combo meme inside a control Vaath shell, but it’s not a meme. I can consistently hit for double digit damage.

This is not okay.


That is just standard vaath, SMH. Run fractal replication and Alcuin, then we can start talking.