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This thread's title has finally been decided on




Well I guess you don’t click on “view flagged content” for a reason.


Why did people flag this Masterpeice?


I don’t know man.


caffeine-shaming is the future


There are two types of people in this world;
Those who survive on Alcohol and bad decisions
And those who survive on caffeine and hate

Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, alchohol is a product of goldfish metabolism and they don’t make many good decisions since they are… fish. So are alcholohics just reincarnated goldfish?

Edit 2: Don’t drink and Duelyst kids

Edit 3: also don’t post more than 2 edits on one post

Edit 4: also don’t fish for likes with meta-humour.

Edit 5: Don’t use the word “meta-humour” unless you want to sound like a pretentious twat.


aaah, met that guy. The fastest way to do you dailies with him is to take more than 12 seconds playing your turn and he’ll concede :smile:


It was only a matter of time until the infuriating title changing was going to happen again. I was silent about it last time. It was a minor change. This is honestly super obnoxious though. @isgopet, please pal, stop doing this.


I survive on caffiene and bad decisions

No wonder my life is going to shit


What about people who survive purely on water and hot chocolate?


Dont forget Milk!


LOL, just joined the “Grimes to Gate” club.


Is that the club right next to the reapero9gates to gate club?

You may join with the first one… but you are only a senior member if you pulled 9 gates with 9 gates!


Contains a small amount of caffeine.


when ur playing against vanar and all they’ve done is spam walls and ramp all game and now they at 7 mana


@ThanatosNoa Is there a way to fix a certain threads name to something? because Isgo always changes it to something that makes no sense.


We need a fixed title for “We need a fixed post for Duelyst Memes”


We could stage a mutiny and flag the original post. If it gets taken down we can start a new topic under new leadership!

It’d be like that one time we plotted to ambush Isbee with a bunch of likes, but instead it’s a special Isgopet version where we flag instead of liking.


K, fine, what do you want this to be titled.


“Title”(whatever you want)+"(GONE SEXUAL)"+"(IN THE HOOD)"