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This thread's title has finally been decided on


the minotaur was actually Poseidon’s doing

cause king minos was a dick, so Poseidon made his wife fall in love with a bull


Darn it, knew I buggered up something; that was Minos I was thinking of, though not quite right.





honestly it could just be simplified to



Eh, that’s not as fun. I just added the ‘oops’ part to make the grammar a bit more fitting for what I was trying to say.


>Sees ten notifs
oh boy attention

>all are isbee likes


only 10 isbee likes?

step up your game



Unfortunately I had some stuff come up this weekend so I won’t be able to play much until next week. RIP me I guess :disappointed_relieved:


5 suns on one spell card? How cute:

(For the record, this is not me. I can barely manage normal mode)


I see what you did there.


i still faintly remember that, before I left, CPG projected mobile release would be done “by the end of Q1 2017”. Guess we are hoping for Q1 2018 then.


I’m suspecting it’ll be Q3 2018 at the earliest. Without any announcements about it (such as public beta), hoping for a Q1 release is very ambitious.


I bet mobile comes the day I leave Duelyst, the Universe would do that.

Also nobody gets mobile now, not because I love Duelyst and never want to leave,
but because I’m a vindictive SOB

Think its been over two weeks since I posted huh?


They said something about a “version 1” or “version 0.1” on twitch. Guess that wasn’t mobile huh


Guys I figured it out. The ultimate counter to rebuke.


Nah, elkowl is better.


I thought this was discussed already? Quartermaster Gauj is the answer.


But if we have multiple answers, maybe we can get enough tech cards to keep rebuke from seeing play. Or just make an antirebuke deck

Also play prophet of the white palm. It also blocks it, but theyre gonna patch it alongside unbirth/metaltooth cause “its unintentional”


Plasma Storm says nope.

Also @oranos, the more you tech for Magmar, the more suspectible to spellswords and moody teenage girls you are.


Antirbuke deck is elkowl faie.