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First time feels really special, but after that it gets more tiresome with each climb. Depends on whether you’d think it could be worth it I guess.

Lol classic “wrote that and realized then how it sounds” :smirk:



Friends are worth having…

…to get to S you have to sacrifice ALL of your friends and dignity…


Me when some noob posts a jank decklist on forums:



Also me when someone asks if Duelyst is fun:



Repost reeeeeeeeeee

Does jank seriously mean lack of 2 drops!?

your post is only liked cause it’s on this thread




is anyone else getting overwatch for $20?


I think i did it but i ended up looking scary af… not unlike shidai

it was kinda painful too


this is fine


But I wasnt playing abyssian when I got there



Always on point! :wink:

That’s what we like about you. :sunglasses:


…I may be a slight nail biter. It’s a hard habit to break.


better than me tbh

i have like no nails


I only want to buy Unstable for the lands…
They are gorgeous.


Me too, but like I play pauper, so I could just buy a whole 'nother deck instead of some lands, so i probably will end up just buying Acid Trip or something like that.


As a former avid land collector I have to say that if you think those are gorgeous the art quality has apparently plummeted in general.

Besides, they look very similar to already released land cards.

Iirc some Portal, or Portal 2 lands are my favorites, as well as the special ‘token’ lands.

Oh and of course beta lands.


At least u r not playing wall :confused:

wait, aggro cass???


So the voices have finally stopped screaming about Doki Doki Literature Club. Time to find something new.

Oh Christ.


is anyone else getting overwatch for $20?

Good deal, i bought it last year and worth the price even whiout hardcoring play.


Should I play this?