This thread's title has finally been decided on


Gotta go with doom man



I think I will


So what your saying is
Vanar (aspect of the ravager only)
No artifacts (items)
With ramp to 7-8 mana cards as finisher (final destination, emblas ice prison)

ues i get the reference


Sir, I would never promote playing Vanar.


not even…


I just realized Aegis Barrier does not counter Chromatic Cold. :upside_down_face:


I just deleted Duelyst. I’ll be back when I finish the SAT. I feel so lost right now.


Happy Cakeday, @ryousen!


At first I was like, “Did I gain a medal for posting dumb solo decks?”, and then, after hovering over it, I found out that this image is indeed not of a white frog with a red eye.
If there’s anyone out there who is confused by what I just said, as I would be 5 minutes ago, I’ll tell you, little one: its actually a cake

Edit: Thanks by the way! forgot to say that


so discord is saying I’m playing ddlc

Yet it says I’m playing help for other people (what I changed my browser to)

Ddlc is also not on

And my PC is turned off…


You forgot to seal Monika inside a flash drive.



btw I got a person to play ddlc… He then later got 3 of his friends to play it.


Better return to the asylum before we spam up the meme thread again.


I just noticed that Shidai’s Eyes are misaligned in the portrait art:


Did you also notice that the smirk doesnt affect her eyebag Go ahead try smirking without crinkling your eyebag


Random, but I just finished printing off a first set of a card game I designed, just needs art and some touch ups. Took about a year to get to this point cuz I’m a procrastinator.


so that means you had this sitting on the back burner for.awhile constantly thinking about it! Right? Right?


Most of it was trial and error for the card size and line art which was just a pain to do until it looked good and could be easily altered for other card colors as needed.

I’m already not a very motivated person, so having to do that just felt like a chore. But it feels good now that I’m done. At least enough to print and playtest outside of hand-written cards


Is it worth it getting to S-Rank? I’m stuck in Diamond 4, and the dream seems to be getting farther away.


yes, yes it is, play some meta cancer and get there!